Enroll in CarAdvise’s Complimentary Dent Repair Program

Diamond drivers who have created a CarAdvise account have access to a limited dent repair program on the registered vehicle at no cost available up to twice a year during the one year program term once a successful enrollment has occurred.

How it works

  • Enroll into the program by updating your personal and vehicle information in the spaces provided below. (Enrollment of your vehicle is required in order to be eligible for the dent program.)
  • You will receive your dent repair program information via email upon completion of your enrollment.

Need to file a claim?

  • Please be sure to complete the enrollment.
  • Dents that occurred prior to the enrollment date are not eligible.
  • Dent Repair from Dent Defender covers paintless dent repairs to an exterior vertical panel for minor dents that do not exceed the size of a traditional credit card (3.25 X 2″).
  • Preexisting dents are not covered.*
  • This program only applies to certain dents on the enrolled vehicle that occur after your enrollment date when you are driving with Uber or for personal use.
  • Call the Dent Defender number to File a Claim and schedule your free appointment.
  • Other terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for complete details.

* Preexisting dents can be repaired at a discounted rate at your option and expense after enrollment. Subject to certain terms, conditions and exclusions.