Most Influential Leaders In The Auto Industry Today

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A leader is instrumental to the success of their organization. The auto sector is fortunate to have strong leaders who are pursuing ambitious plans to open up exciting new possibilities for the future.

Here is our list of the most influential people in the auto industry today:


Elon Musk

Elon Musk

No discussion about influential auto industry personalities can be complete without Elon Musk. This renowned executive is seeking to revolutionize transport not just on earth but in space as well.

He has significantly affected the auto sector by bringing electric vehicles to the masses via Tesla Motors. His is also the head of the space age company SpaceX whose valuation exceeds $20 billion today. The company is striving to make space travel a reality for the general public. He recently made massive strides when SpaceX unveiled a spacecraft that is capable of transporting vehicles to the International Space Station


John Krafcik

John Krafcik

John Krafcik graduated with degrees from Stanford and MIT and now serves as the CEO of Waymo, a company that specializes in the development of autonomous vehicles. Alphabet Incorporated is the parent company of both Waymo and Google.

Krafcik previously served as the CEO of Google’s autonomous vehicle project. He became the Waymo CEO after Google separated itself from its autonomous vehicle project that became Waymo.

Today, he is at the forefront in developing autonomous vehicles. His aim is to make self-driving vehicle technology feasible and economically-viable. To this end, he is negotiating with auto makers to license promising self-driving technology. Waymo today possesses the largest fleet of autonomous vehicles. Most of them are in the experimental phase and are being tested for research and development.


Akio Toyoda

President of the Toyota Motor Corporation Akio Toyoda delivers a speech before signing a partnership deal with the International Paralympic Committee in Tokyo

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Akio Toyoda is the grandson of Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Motors. He became the CEO of the company 8 years ago and is now the executive of the biggest automaker in the world.

During the most recent financial year, Toyota earned a handsome revenue under the visionary leadership of Akio Toyoda. The leading Japanese car manufacturer sold over 10 million vehicles and earned $20 billion in net profit.

The previous year, Toyota announced that it was investing around $3 billion for software that would control autonomous vehicles. With this declaration, Toyota made its first foray into the self-driving market.


Christian Von Koenigsegg

Christian Koen

Christian Von Koenigsegg achieved his dream of making a sports cars at just 22 when Koenigsegg was founded.

More than just a dreamer, Koenigsegg is a pragmatic and determined leader who is setting new benchmarks with his sports car innovation.

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