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With CarAdvise you get discounted prices on all of your car care services! We can offer this because of you, our huge member base (500K and counting)! With so many amazing members we can leverage our numbers to negotiate lower, “fleet level,” pricing.

Anytime you get a service through CarAdvise we can guarantee that the price you see is lower than the in-shop price through our Pricing Promise!

This means that the prices you see through CarAdvise are on average 25% lower than retail prices you’d see at the shop!

Whether you see the price before booking or in the app once your car is at the shop, you'll always get the CarAdvise discounted rate when going through us!

Upfront Prices


Too many drivers go to a shop not knowing how much maintenance or repairs are going to cost them. We can promise you that the price you see online for a service is the price you can expect.


Car owners tend to not trust maintenance shops because they end up not knowing if they’re being ripped off. With CarAdvise you only need to trust yourself, you have the power to approve or decline any services or additional costs before they happen. Plus our ASE techs are at your service to help answer any questions you may have!

All In One

Members just need their phone and internet to check prices, request appointments, approve or decline services and even pay all in one place. There’s no need to go back-and-forth with shops anymore.


Fleet Level Pricing

CarAdvise can leverage the number of vehicles

We have the power to lower the price on services through bulk discounting

Save on average 25%

Typically 10-40% for all maintenance services

Save hundreds

Instead of paying the retail price from the shops

What is a fleet?

A Fleet is any number of vehicles managed by a person, group or company. CarAdvise bundles the vehicles of individual drivers and businesses to create the largest consumer fleet in North America. The bigger the fleet, the more negotiating power that fleet has. That’s really important for Fleet Pricing.

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What does this mean for you?

Actual discounts usually range between 10-40%, with the average discount typically being 25%, depending on the service. 

CarAdvisor Tip: You’ll really see the savings on larger repairs since CarAdvise has some of the lowest hourly labor rates in the nation.

Are these prices for real?

Yes! We partner with all kinds of shops — national brands, regional brands, dealerships, and Independent local shops. We have negotiated Fleet Pricing with all of our 23,000+ locations that you can choose from on our platform. 

Most services will have their pricing in our platform, but some prices are estimated in the shop due to their complex pricing nature.

Regardless of whether the price shows beforehand or you get the pricing in shop through our fleet, you’ll still get our discounted rate going through us!

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Still have questions? Here is how you save with CarAdvise!


 *These transactions are based on specific cars and specific shops. Results may vary depending on car and shop brand and location.

When you are paying for car maintenance and repair you are paying for both parts and labor which is usually charged as an hourly rate.

CarAdvise has been able to negotiate lower hourly rates with all of our maintenance and repair shops. So the prices you see on CarAdvise are at a reduced hourly labor cost. We have also been able to negotiate lower parts costs for most services! This means you’re likely paying less for both the vehicle part being serviced as well as the hourly labor costs!

Here are some REAL examples of how much CarAdvise members have saved on car repair.

These are just examples. Each shop offers different discounts to us. However, you can see that you will always save money, whether you need a new air filter, or an entirely new engine.

Our Most Popular Deals

CarAdvise is proud to work with our network of over 23,000+ shops across the country as well as our many partners to bring members the best price possible. Members regularly receive additional savings on top of our already fleet level discounts.

Oil Change

Oil Change Savings

Brake Pads

Brake Pad Savings

New Tires

New Tire Savings

 *Transaction based on 2 tires

CarAdvise Savings Calculator

Check out how much you can save by using CarAdvise! Click submit to be taken into our product to see for your self how much you can really save!
CarAdvise Savings Calculator
Our average savings is 26%, but our range is 10-50% off retail!
Our average services transaction is $175, but input your service amount, oil changes are less, tires and brakes are more.
Save more by having all your family's vehicles on CarAdvise.
Save more by having all your family's vehicles on CarAdvise.
Our average services transaction is $175, but input your service amount, oil changes are less, tires and brakes are more. The average consumer spends $1000 annually for an average car average age.
Lifetime Savings with CarAdvise vs. Retail

Don’t know the ‘average’ cost of a service? Click below to see some samples

Membership Plans

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Discounted Fleet Pricing

Maintenance Reminders

Stored Maintenance History

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5 Vehicles per account

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$ 6.99 /month

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Roadside Assistance
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Attention Rideshare Drivers

Our rideshare inspections typically range from $18 to $25, depending on the shop and the type of inspection required by your state. Some Uber drivers live in cities with Green Light Hubs – these hubs provide free Uber inspections for drivers. We suggest checking with Uber for local availability of Green Light Hubs. 

CarAdvisor tip: make sure to bring your form with you upon your arrival for inspection!

TireLinc Tire Buying

Firestone, TiresPlus, and Wheel Works locations will allow you to pick your tires directly in CarAdvise. Prices on these tires are 10% less than the retail price. You will receive our standard discount on tire installation (typically 20-30% less than the retail cost).

For our other locations, we offer a 5% rebate on the tires. Simply book an appointment at any location and select ‘new tires’ for the service. Once at the store, select your tires as normal. You will receive our standard discount on tire installation (typically 20-30% less than the retail cost). Once your order is complete, send an email to asking for your 5% tire rebate and we will issue it back to your method of payment. 


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Service Based Pricing

CarAdvise collected pricing on an assortment of common maintenance services, including oil changes up to 5 quarts w/ oil filter (conventional, blend, and synthetic), tire rotations, coolant flushes, transmission flushes, and wheel alignments. The study compares CarAdvise to retail for typical US annual driving habits using OEM maintenance schedules (2 oil changes, 2 tire rotations, and a cabin air filter).