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The app allows you to see all your options, local prices, and the best way to save your money. I didn't realize how much I was overpaying for an oil change... The whole process was easy to use and understand, including last-minute add-ons... It was refreshing to see this was the real deal and worked out so easily.

Cole H. Uber Driver

Amazing service done on their end. They really fought hard for me to get the best discounts I could... Thank you so much! I would 100% recommend CarAdvise to anyone, even if they don’t do DoorDash, they still give you the best discounts at participating shops & have wonderful customer service!!

Kimberley O. Dasher

I have been able to have my car serviced without having to spend hundreds of dollars. The locations of the service centers have been close to my neighborhood.

Pamela K. Instacart Driver

I found a great deal on a major car repair. It was organized, fast, and easy.

Jackie P. Instacart Driver

We have used this program several times with excellent success and savings. Thank you all.

James K. Allstate Member

This service has made it so much easier. I have been going to the dealer for years getting ripped off and very bad attitudes. Due to medical issues I was forced to deal with them because of the difficulty of finding a good honest shop. This made it so easy, and the pricing? Even the guys at the shop were impressed with your company. Thank you so much.

Bradley B. USAA Member

You have put together an excellent need that is not provided in such a user-friendly manner by any other company I have seen. That was a seamless process. If your company goes public I will be buying stock in it. You really do offer a great service.

Glenn B. USAA Member

I had problems getting an oil change scheduled at Pep Boys, so I called CarAdvise and they straightened it out for me. Also had problems when I got to Pep Boys. Called again and they stayed on the line with me and the Pep Boys advisor until his computer accepted it. I paid $43 for a $79.99 full synthetic oil change. You guys are AMAZING!! Thank you!

Deb W. GasBuddy User

Love this service, site is easy to navigate and discounts are A1.

Briana S. Carvana Member

Easy to navigate. Many shops to choose from. Most importantly, great savings!

Donovan R. Carvana Member

I had a nice experience using the service... The car shop was able to use the CarAdvise service quite smoothly, and there were no surprises on cost. The overall prices from CarAdvise are very competitive and transparent, which is great. You are making the process of taking a car to a mechanic, which is usually a headache, much smoother. Thanks.

Donovan E. Ebay Member

I like that you get to compare prices, see the actual price you pay, book a time, pay online, and still get a better price than a walk-in all in one place. Plus, great customer service for being informed every step of the way.

Richard M. Fuel Rewards Member

Great service! Very quick updates and hassle free drop off and pick up of my vehicle. It made the experience of car service so much more relaxing, like I was a VIP! ☺ The pricing was phenomenal!!

Aldo C. Favor Driver

    No more shop surprises

    I was constantly updated on what was going to happen next and was told what I needed to do to make the installation flawless, which was exactly that! Very pleased with the entire transaction!

    Jon S. Uber Driver

    I have confidence that CarAdvise is looking for the best deals for my car maintenance. Now, I bring my car for repairs in total confidence and I enjoy it, because I do not have to worry about the cost.

    Eric N. Dasher

    Excellent follow up. Like the fact that I don't have to negotiate the price with the shop. My first time using the service went very smoothly. The suggested shop by CarAdvise turned out to be an excellent choice also.

    Michael H. Allstate Member

    Having a list of prices to choose from makes me feel less likely to be taken advantage of when it comes to work being done on my car. I always have the worry that because I'm a girl and have a decent model car I’m an easy target for over charging and recommending work that doesn’t need to be done.

    Lorena U. Allstate Member

    It's always nice to save money but it's even nicer when there's someone out there you can trust to have your back. Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely polite and helpful.

    Amy C. Dasher

    I have a college student daughter who whenever she went to a repair shop they would try to upsell her something she didn’t need. Now with CarAdvise the repair shop has to go through me before they can do anything more than what I ordered.

    Cal A. Ebay Member

    CarAdvise looks out for their customers with awesome communication, quick response time, competitive prices offered and very welcoming. Thank you.

    Chrissie A. Allstate Member

      Uncomplicate maintenance

      Great tool! Love being able to set everything up through an app, and have a ballpark idea of what things are going to cost before scheduling. Makes things a lot easier!

      Liz A. Uber Driver

      I had a wonderful experience. From the sign up process to registering at the auto shop to diving away, it was pleasant and hassle-free. Nice.

      Angelia S. USAA Member

      CarAdvise makes it easy to have auto repairs and maintenance. I go to a Firestone store for my oil changes and the manager raves about how easy CarAdvise is to use and the discounts I receive.

      Linda H. Perkspot User

      Competitive price, convenience, overall you don’t have to worry about anything, just set the appointment through CarAdvise, and drop off the car, at the shop, and that’s all you need to do. Very easy and convenient. Love it!

      Alisher D. Uber Driver

      The service was quick, informative and made it real easy to get my services and at fleet pricing. I would recommend it to anyone.

      Jason T. Ebay Member

      The process was easy. I had multiple locations to choose from. I'm very pleased with CarAdvise.

      Danise M. Fuel Rewards Member

      It was extremely convenient and user friendly. I have never experienced such ease when getting work done on my car.

      Chantel W. Dasher

      The process is very simple and easy... One of the best I've tried, and I've tried plenty! While I save a couple dollars on the service, I also get savings in the gas back program. To me, it's a win win.

      Angela A. GasBuddy Member

      Very simple to use the shop I went to did the work fast after approving it on the app. Sooooo convenient!!!!!!!

      Chad T. Uber Driver

      So incredibly easy to use! We dropped off the car and CarAdvise and Firestone kept us updated every step of the way, we could approve and deny any auto repair/maintenance from our phones and everyone who called to update or help us out was extremely nice! We will use them again!

      Chia R. Ebay Member

      Just very smooth. The guys at pep boys were great. The savings are even better. Thank you.

      Daniel E. Fuel Rewards Member

        Don't take our word for it, discounts for over 25k shops nationwide

        Easily keep track of what maintenance is needed and when. Also great discounts for services.

        Kristy C. Dasher

        I am always looking for ways to get a discount or save a few dollars. CarAdvise does just that. Multiple locations that you pick from but with quality work and quality service. Thank you!

        Trecia F. Allstate Member

        Great app to shop around and find the best deals on car services. I feel like part of what makes car maintenance so expensive is not knowing enough to leverage good quotes on service. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

        Shavawnte S. Dasher

        Prices are better and it’s easier to deal with the shops. They don’t try to up-sell or do other services like wipers or filters just because I needed tires.

        Max C. Ebay Member

        It's a clear super easy hands off approach to car maintenance. Like having my own personal concierge service, I Love It!

        Tameca T. USAA Member

        Got my oil changed for 42$, used to pay 110$. Thank you CarAdvise!

        Devin S. Carvana Member

        The service is easy, affordable, and stress-free.

        Katrina Y. Perkspot Member

        Easy to use, and a very great deal on my oil change. I've paid over $90 at Valvoline for a full synthetic oil change, and only paid $35 through CarAdvise... I HIGHLY recommend CarAdvise.

        Carl C. Ebay Member
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