How to process a CarAdvise customer

Check in as CarAdvise National Account via Auto Integrate: Account Number 17734561A

Appointment Received
through your native POS or manually uploaded from CarAdvise contact.
Customer Arrives
and presents CarAdvise membership card. Shop submits requested services via Auto Integrate and performs initial inspection.
Submit Additional Service(s)
through Auto Integrate under CarAdvise Fleet Account. Customer approves additional services from their mobile device.
Complete Order
through Auto Integrate. Customer Pays CarAdvise directly through their phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Affirm, and more.

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What is CarAdvise?

CarAdvise is a National Fleet Account. The CarAdvise platform provides a comprehensive network of 40+ national brands, over 30,000 service shops across North America, and 1,000’s of independent locations for vehicle maintenance services. CarAdvise customer’s are able to search, schedule, approve, & pay for services through our web and mobile application.

Waiting for approval?

The customer provides the necessary approvals. If you’re waiting for approval, follow these steps.

1. Inform the customer about the required work or service that requires their approval.

2. Request the customer’s approval before proceeding with the work. This step is done via text message or can be completed in the CarAdvise app.

3. Keep the customer informed throughout the process, especially if additional work or changes are needed. Make sure to obtain their approval for any changes before proceeding.

Our Partner Network

Customers may come into your shop and say that they are from one of our partners.

Please process the customer as a Car Advise National Account via Auto Integrate as above.


Need more help?

In case you encounter any issues or need further assistance, our team is always available to help you navigate any challenges and ensure a smooth approval process.

CarAdvise Main: +1 844-923-8473
Service Advisor Line: +1 312-779-1549

In case you encounter any issues or need further assistance, our team is always available to help you navigate any challenges and ensure a smooth approval process.

Frequently Asked Questions

CarAdvise is a platform that allows customers to access over 30,000 service shops across North America for vehicle maintenance and repair services. It offers upfront pricing, convenient scheduling, and the ability to approve or deny additional services through a web or mobile application. Customers can also pay for services using various methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Affirm.

Partnering with CarAdvise increases your shop’s visibility to a large customer base. It streamlines the appointment and service approval process, reduces administrative workload, and ensures timely payments directly through the platform. Additionally, it can help drive more business to your shop by offering customers a seamless and convenient service experience.

 Customers use CarAdvise to search for available service appointments at partnered shops, schedule their appointments in real-time, and approve or deny any additional services suggested during the appointment. All of this can be done through the CarAdvise app or website, making the process easy and efficient.

When a CarAdvise customer arrives, follow these steps:

  1. Appointment Received: Check the appointment details through Auto Integrate.
  2. Customer Arrives: Begin the work as scheduled.
  3. Submit Additional Services: If needed, submit any additional service requests through Auto Integrate for the customer’s approval.
  4. Complete Shop Order: Once the services are completed, finalize the order through Auto Integrate.

If additional services are needed, submit the requests through Auto Integrate. The customer will receive a notification on their CarAdvise app or via email to approve or deny the additional services. Once approved, proceed with the additional work; if denied, continue with the originally scheduled services.

Customers pay for the services directly through the CarAdvise platform. They can use various payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Affirm, and more. The payment is processed through CarAdvise, ensuring a smooth transaction for the customer and the shop.

CarAdvise partners with reputable national brands and independent service shops that meet high standards of quality and customer service. The platform provides transparent pricing, verified reviews, and a user-friendly interface to build trust and ensure customer satisfaction.

CarAdvise offers comprehensive support to partner shops, including training on using the platform, access to marketing materials, and dedicated customer service to assist with any issues or questions. This support helps shops maximize the benefits of the partnership and provide excellent service to customers.

To join the CarAdvise network of shops,  visit our shop registration page to set up your shop’s profile on the platform. We’ll guide you through the integration process with Auto Integrate and provide training and resources to help you start receiving and managing CarAdvise customer appointments.

Please have customer info ready.