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Sometimes car care can be confusing…..but that’s why were here, check out our video of learn more about us!

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How It Works

CarAdvise is a free online car care platform created to help you manage all of your car’s needs with ease. We’re here to make car maintenance more trusted, more convenient and more affordable, all from the ease of your smartphone.

Why choose us

We Believe Car Care Should Be More Convenient, More Trusted & More Affordable


We believe you should have freedom of choice so we built the best network of shops in America.


We believe you should be able to compare prices and promise those prices won't change at the shop.


We believe you should save more money. Book with CarAdvise and save 10-40% off retail price.

Smarter Maintenance

With CarAdvise you can take car ownership to the next level and easily manage all aspects of your vehicle online. CarAdvise understands that car care can be difficult, confusing, and expensive. Too often we’ve seen people overpaying for routine care and getting ripped off when making repairs. CarAdvise built our platform with all of that in mind. CarAdvise members can see all of their past vehicle maintenance and are reminded about upcoming recommended maintenance. They can talk to certified technicians to make informed decisions. They can even pay online, all from the convenience of their smartphones.

Features that make this possible
Membership Plans

Get Maximum Benefits with Premium or Elite Plans



Discounted Fleet Pricing

Maintenance Reminders

Stored Maintenance History

3 Vehicles per Account


$ 1.99 /month

Everything in Basic

Additional 10% Fleet Discount

5 Vehicles per account

Special Coupons/Offers


$ 5.99 /month

Everything in Premium

Roadside Assistance
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Affordable Car Care

Save Money!

  • What is a Fleet? A Fleet is any number of vehicles managed by a person, group or company. CarAdvise bundles the fleets of individuals and small and medium businesses to create the largest consumer Fleet in North America. The bigger the fleet, the more negotiating power that fleet has. That’s really important for Fleet Pricing.
  • What is “Fleet Pricing?” Fleets can leverage the number of vehicles they have to lower the price on services through bulk discounting. Because CarAdvise can deliver a certain amount of business to shops, they are willing to negotiate lower prices on oil changes, brakes, tires, really any car repair. Businesses have been using this tactic to save money on their car repairs, and now you can too!
  • We’ll Always Be Upfront! CarAdvise is the only maintenance platform that guarantees the price you see is the price you’ll pay.  This way you can compare prices online, knowing you’ll receive the best price and that price won’t change. 

Never Pay Retail Again

Discounted pricing backed by our Low Price Guarantee

Free Gearhead Advice

Save hundreds by avoiding unnecessary work

Compare Prices

The only place where you can compare to find the lowest price


Premium members save an additional 10%

No Contact Car Care™

Introducing a new touch-free maintenance process
What we help with

We got your back!

CarAdvise stands behind its technology and our core values of trust, savings and convenience through our Trust Guarantee.

Happiness Guaranteed

If you aren't completely satisfied with your experience, we will do what it takes to make it right.

Low Prices

We guarantee that our prices are lower than in-store retail prices - always!

Trust Guarantee

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Members Voice

“I really like how efficient the website is and I like how services are discounted and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get your car maintenanced.”

CarAdvise Member Renee

“The CarAdvise team is always there to help me whenever I need to have work done on my vehicle or solve shop issues.”

CarAdvise Member Eric

“It was very easy to find what I needed. And the CarAdvise reps were fast and very helpful with any questions. Sure beats calling around for quotes.”

CarAdvise Member Michelle

“10/10 because of the convenience, the discount, and the fact that I get to approve any additional work through CarAdvise, and not have to deal with a sales pitch for the additional work.”

CarAdvise Member Mark
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    Everything needed to manage your car, all from your smartphone.

    It's time to take control of your car maintenance.

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