What Cars Do Your Favorite Celeberties Drive?

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Cars serve as a status symbol for celebrities. Here is a list of the most famous celebrities and the cars they drive:


Leonardo DiCaprio

Other than being an Oscar winner and one of the most critically acclaimed actors of his generation, DiCaprio has made headlines due to his steadfast commitment to environmental activism. Staying true to his principles, he bought a hybrid car, the Fisker Karma EV Speedster for around $600,000.

Fisker is an innovative hybrid vehicle that appears as a premium luxury sports car and uses electric power to run for up to 50 miles. While bankruptcy caused the end of the company in 2010, DiCaprio remained unhinged and was still seen driving his model.


Paris Hilton

Arguably the most well-known socialite of the 21st century, Paris Hilton belongs to a unique class of people that are called “famous for being famous.” Hilton’s attraction to pink luxuries led her to purchase the $250,000 pink Bentley Continental. Not only is the exterior pink, but it has pink leather seats and pink dashboard with a pink gear stick covered in Swarovski crystals.


Brad Pitt

Similar to DiCaprio, the quintessential heartthrob Brad Pitt has utilized his fame for the greater good – to promote environmental and social issues. As part of his cause, he bought the BMW Hydrogen 7, a limited edition car that was designed more than a decade ago. The Hydrogen 7 uses hydrogen as a source of energy and burns it to power itself.

BMW only made 100 models which were offered to prominent businessperson, media personalities, and politicians. Due to Pitt’s stardom, he was able to bag one of these rare sedans.


Rowan Atkinson


Rowan Atkinson, most popularly known as Mr. Bean drove one of the most unglamorous cars on the TV screen, so it may be hard to imagine him sitting in a sports car. However, in 1998, the popular comedian bought the first right-hand-drive car and had it transformed into Aston Martin Owners Club racing series C2 specification. His redesign cost more than $244,380.


Justin Bieber

JB car

One of the most popular teen singers of all time, Justine Bieber got a 1965 Lincoln Continental on his birthday in 2015. Since then he has often taken his ride on the road to flaunt its retro design that stands out from other celebrities.


Kylie Jenner

An established model and businesswoman from the Jenner family, Kylie drives a white Ferrari 458 Italia. It consists of a retractable roof that takes less than 15 seconds to open up. Boasting a top speed over 200 mph, Tyga – her boyfriend – gifted this car to her when she turned 18.

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