The Power of a Comprehensive Fleet Maintenance Program: Insights from Amanda Snyder of Hicken Air

The fast-paced world of fleet management is challenging, especially when faced with the daunting task of switching from manual tracking to a holistic fleet maintenance system. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Snyder from Hicken Air, who provided deep insights into this transition and it's benefits.

From Chaos to Clarity: Amanda's Fleet Maintenance Journey

Amanda Snyder, Hicken Air: "When I joined Hicken Air nearly four years ago, I was moving from the corporate sphere into the realm of small businesses. While I had previously managed large-scale fleets and their maintenance across North America, I quickly realized that the infrastructure in a small business setting was starkly different. Initially, our fleet was unstructured and maintenance was a haphazard affair. But we progressed, trying to build an organized system. From naming our fleet to finding quality local maintenance shops that could service our needs – especially during weekends – it was a roller-coaster ride."

She further stressed the need for reliable maintenance, highlighting that for businesses like Hicken Air, where technicians often operate in challenging environments like 140+ degree attics, ensuring their vehicles are in peak condition is paramount.

Finding the Right Fleet Maintenance Partner

In search of an effective fleet maintenance program, Amanda chanced upon the Fuelman Maintenance program (CarAdvise For Business white-labelled).

Amanda: "I had prior experience with Fuelman Maintenance in my corporate tenure and was impressed by its benefits and control mechanisms. As we started integrating it into our systems, we discovered its compatibility with our telematics program, creating an interconnected network that aids in efficient fleet management."

The Onboarding Experience

For any business, a smooth onboarding experience is crucial. Amanda's experience with Fuelman Maintenance's onboarding was a testament to this:

Amanda: "Setting up was straightforward. Life got hectic, with family and work responsibilities intertwining. Yet, the support team was patient, reminding me gently about the processes. Despite initial glitches and the vastness of my role, integrating the system into our workflow proved beneficial, offering unparalleled visibility and real-time updates, even on mobile."

Comparative Insights: Before and After

Amanda shared her experiences dealing with maintenance before the integration of the new system:

Amanda: "Previously, shops would directly contact our service manager, often leading to decisions I might not have made. Having a transparent system now allows me to track approvals and rejections, ensuring our technicians' vehicles remain optimal for their rigorous tasks. This has been particularly helpful when we had issues like knowing when the last oil change was done. With the new system, all this information is easily accessible, especially on-the-go, which is a boon for someone as busy as me."

What Stands Out in the Program?

We delved deeper to understand the unique aspects of the Fuelman Maintenance program:

Amanda: "The visibility offered by the platform is commendable. It brings about a comprehensive cost analysis for our assets. The flexibility with multiple shops catering to unique business needs and the seamless integration with other tracking platforms brings the entire fleet management process full circle. Moreover, potential discounts make the program even more attractive."

Feedback from Service Providers

Interestingly, the system's benefits aren't confined to the fleet managers alone. Service providers have found value too:

Amanda: "Some of our preferred vendors appreciate the system, highlighting that it reduces the need for continuous phone communications, streamlining their processes as well."

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, Amanda shared some words of wisdom for those considering CarAdvise For Business for their fleet maintenance program:

Amanda: "For businesses transitioning from rudimentary tracking methods like Excel spreadsheets, this program offers unmatched visibility and control. Every business is unique, and having a maintenance program that caters to specific needs is invaluable. The implementation pace can be adjusted as per your comfort, but one thing is certain – the benefits are manifold."

It was enlightening to glean such profound insights from Amanda. As businesses evolve, the need for robust, flexible, and efficient fleet management systems becomes paramount. It's evident from Amanda's testimonial that the right program can indeed make a world of difference. For more information on Hicken Air, please visit their website at

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