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One App, Does it All!

With our all-in-one app, managing your company's vehicles is streamlined like never before. Whether it's scheduling routine maintenance, swiftly approving services, handling payments, or accessing comprehensive reports, everything you need is in a single, user-friendly platform. Simplify your vehicle maintenance process and stay in control effortlessly.

Maintenance & Repair Management

Managing repairs from start to finish has never been simpler. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to effortlessly schedule, approve, and pay for repairs, all while selecting appointment times that suit your fleet's needs, ensuring your vehicles receive the necessary attention without any hassle.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead of the curve with our preventative maintenance solutions. Our platform allows you to proactively plan and execute maintenance tasks, minimizing downtime and preventing costly breakdowns for your fleet.

Digital Glovebox

Experience the convenience of a digital glovebox through CarAdvise for Business. Store essential documents such as licenses, registrations, and more within the app, ensuring quick access and organization for your entire fleet.


Never miss a beat with maintenance reminders. Our intuitive notification system ensures that you receive timely alerts for scheduled maintenance, helping you stay on top of your fleet's upkeep without any guesswork.

Easy Reporting

Quickly access detailed reporting tools providing insights into active and past orders, cost-per-mile analysis, monthly service costs, and easily identify vehicles that are past due on maintenance or have upcoming maintenance needs.

Savings & Cost Controls

Ensure your vehicle maintenance budget works smarter for your business. Experience substantial savings and gain control over your maintenance expenses with our platform; by optimizing scheduling and streamlining approval processes, you can effectively reduce downtime, avoid unnecessary repairs, and make informed decisions.

Centralized Billing

Centralized billing is at the heart of our service, offering your business a unified and efficient way to manage all vehicle maintenance expenses. With our platform, enjoy the convenience of consolidating billing for multiple services into one clear, concise digital invoice. This centralized approach not only simplifies accounting but also provides a transparent overview of expenditures, making it easier to track, analyze, and manage your company's vehicle-related costs effectively.

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Fuel Management

Effectively manage your fleet's fuel costs with the convenience of fuel credit cards. These powerful tools provide detailed insights into fuel expenditures, allowing you to track and analyze fuel consumption efficiently. With these cards, you can implement cost-saving strategies and optimize your fleet's fuel efficiency, ultimately leading to significant savings for your business.

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Glass Replacement

When it comes to glass replacement, CarAdvise For Business has you covered. We facilitate seamless and timely glass replacement services to keep your fleet on the road, ensuring safety and minimizing downtime.

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Roadside Assistance

Our platform offers quick access to reliable roadside services, providing your fleet with peace of mind and swift solutions for unexpected breakdowns or emergencies. Roadside assistance is just a click away with the CarAdvise For Business mobile app.

Total Cost of Ownership

CarAdvise For Business significantly reduces the overall cost of vehicle ownership, driving an average savings of 26% for your fleet.


If you're currently leveraging the power of telematics, you can integrate your data into CarAdvise for Business to gain real-time insights into your fleet's performance and location. Our advanced telematics integration empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize operations for maximum efficiency.

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