3 Important Parallel Parking Tips & Tricks

What do I need to know to master parallel parking?

Whether you are a new driver or a pro, all drivers need to master parallel parking. Although parallel parking is a foundational driving skill, it remains a challenge for many people.

To make you a more confident parker, we have listed some parallel parking tips and tricks:


How It Works

To parallel park, you need to pull up next to the car you want to park behind. Next, reverse your car gradually until your rear wheels are level with the back of the car you pulled up next to. At this point, you should start applying the left-hand lock until your car is diagonal to the sidewalk at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Keep repeating the previous step until the back of your car is about 2 feet from the sidewalk. After that apply the right-hand lock so that your car is parallel to the sidewalk. When you’re done with that, continue to reverse steadily and steer your car to the left so that you can straighten out your wheels.


parallel parking


If you have to move forward to correct your car’s position, make sure you have enough room to pull away from behind the car in front without having to reverse your car again. Now that the basics are covered, remember to keep these tips in mind the next time you’re parallel parking:


1. Mind your location

First of all, you need to assess the parking space carefully. You have to ensure that the parking space is at least one and a half-length of a car in size to make sure you’ll fit.


2. Signal your intentions clearly

Next up, you need to make your intentions clear. You can do so by slowing down some distance before the parking space to warn cars behind you that you are planning on parking.

Once your car is parallel, reverse your car immediately to prevent traffic build-up and potential confusion.


parallel parking

3. All-round awareness

Another important thing to keep in mind is watching out for any nearby pedestrians. You should keep an eye on either side of the road while you’re reversing your car. Having a strong sense of awareness will prevent any potential accidents while parallel parking.

Parallel parking is a difficult driving skill that requires a lot of practice and patience to perform correctly. If you are doing it for the first time, make sure to take your time and stay calm.


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