Frequently Asked Questions
What is CarAdvise?
CarAdvise is a digital car care platform, meaning everything you need to help maintain and repair your car is available at your fingertips: scheduling a service, locating a shop, approving work, and getting free expert advice to help you make better decisions in the shop.
How much does this cost?
CarAdvise is free service to use. You only pay for the work you approve the shop to complete, nothing else.
Are there any additional fees?
Nope. No monthly fees, hidden fees, or upfront fees...Just pay for the work you approve the shop to do.
Are there shops available in my area?
CarAdvise works with over 20,000 shops nationwide, to see shops in your area sign-up for free.
Is work done through CarAdvise guaranteed?
Yes, absolutely! CarAdvise guarantees a 12-month service warranty. In addition, we also have a “Trust Guarantee.” If you aren't completely satisfied with your experience, we will do what it takes to make it right.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand things happen and you can’t always get to your appointment on-time or even on the scheduled day. CarAdvise does not charge for canceled appointments.
What shops do you work with?
Firestone, NTB, Meineke, Big-O-Tires, Tire Kingdom, AAMCO, Merchants Tire and Auto Services, Sears Auto, Jiffy Lube and some independent shops around the country.