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Frequently Asked Questions

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CarAdvise is an online car care platform created to help you manage all of your car’s needs with ease. We’re here to make car maintenance more trusted, more convenient, and more affordable, all from the ease of your smartphone.

CarAdvise varies depending on your company affiliation, some memberships are free and others have a small monthly payment based on the tier of membership! All you have to do is pay for the discounted (10-40% off retail) services you approve from the shops! 

Knowing the simple facts that car maintenance and repair are inconvenient, confusing and expensive, CarAdvise sought to change the public’s perspective on a key piece of vehicle care: trust. By developing a technology platform with the experience and knowledge to help you the average consumer, we know that car care has a bright future, one that’s trusted, convenient, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Just sign up on our website, provide your vehicle information and start getting smarter car care today!

CarAdvise is partnered with over 23,000+ shops around the US and Canada. Just search your location and we’ll show you available shops in your area!

CarAdvise is a National platform able to offer bulk discount pricing on services due to our large customer base. The discounts typically range from 10-40% off retail, dependent on the services.

When you’re searching for maintenance and repair services the prices you see with CarAdvise are all discounted prices!  We have been able to negotiate lower labor costs as well as many parts costs! If you want more details about how our pricing is laid out, check out our Pricing Page!

GearHeads are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians.

Our software is set up so that any pricing outside of our discounted ranges flags our CarAdvise team to take a look. This sends your order into ‘price review’ so a certified automotive tech from CarAdvise can review it. Once they’ve reviewed pricing, the ticket is sent back to you for approval! This helps us to provide you with information around pricing, and allows us to advise on different options for these services. 

You can always get a second opinion if you have questions (844) 9-ADVISE (844.923.8473) about a service or if you want to know if the price seems high. This is included in your free CarAdvise membership. 

CarAdvise offers all routine vehicle maintenance and most every service repair to our members! You can shop for tires and book installation, you can get oil changes, brake replacements, wiper blade replacements, and the list goes on! If you are not seeing the service you’re looking for you can always call or chat with one of our CarAdvisors or GearHeads!

We’ve got your back! Too many people go into car maintenance and repair not knowing what to expect to pay or what their car needs then leave feeling scammed or tricked. That’s where we come in! We let you see prices before going into the shop and once you’re there, you are in control of the services your car receives. And if you have questions about a cost or a service, just chat with an CarAdvisor or a GearHead and we’ll help you make a fully informed decision when it comes to your car’s care!

NOT AT ALL! We offer our members discounts on EVERY service that we offer! This means that any car maintenance you get through us is discounted. Not only are we committed to making car care more affordable but we also want to make it more trustworthy. This is why we have ASE Certified GearHeads always available to chat when you need help making informed decisions about your car maintenance. We are your total car care platform!

No problem! Our basic membership allows you to have up to 3 vehicles in your account and you can get services on any and all of them! If you have more than 3 cars our Premium and Elite memberships let you have 5 vehicles for your account! If you own more than 5 vehicles, our FleetAdvise platform will be perfect for your needs!

Current Members


  • Select Service(s)
  • Compare prices and select a shop in your area
  • Schedule a date and time for your service 
  • Review your order and request your appointment
  • Wait for your confirmation from CarAdvise

The option to edit/cancel an appointment is located below your appointment details, within your profile, on the right hand side of your screen.

The option to edit/cancel an appointment is located below your appointment details, within your profile, on the right hand side of your screen. “Rescheduled appointments availability depends on the current availability of the shop.”

You are not charged at the time of requesting your appointment. Your uploaded payment method will be charged on the day of your appointment only after you approve the services through your CarAdvise account. If no recommendations from the shop appear, your account will be autocharge only for services that you have already preapproved.

If you do not see your desired service through our popular service tiles, type it in the Search Bar above! If you are still not finding what you’re looking for here are your two options:

    • 1. Book an appointment for a ‘multi-point inspection.’ As long as you have the order go through us, any services the shop adds based on your request will have our fleet bulk pricing.
    • 2. Or feel free to chat us at caradvise.com or give us a call at 1-844-9ADVISE and one of our representatives would be happy to assist.

To find shops in your area, create your free CarAdvise profile, click the orange “BROWSE SHOPS” button to find a shop near you.

CarAdvise has a Diagnostic Tool for you to use if you are unsure about what your car needs. In your profile click on “diagnose a problem” and answer a few simple questions to diagnose the potential problem .


CarAdvise is often listed as a “fleet company” in the shop system, you can mention you are part of CarAdvise Fleet -or- please have the shop give us a call directly at 1-844-9ADVISE and our team would be happy to answer any questions that they may have. You are also able to notify us by either chat or phone and we would be happy to call the shop directly for you.

Please keep in mind that some shops may categorize your appointment as a walk-in, there may be no appointment reservation and the shop would not have been notified to secure a time slot for you. This is all ok and we can still help and you can still use CarAdvise you’ll be able to approve and pay for your services through CarAdvise. The shop is happy to accommodate you around other work that they have that day or possibly offer to reschedule to minimize your wait time. If you did book an appointment and received a confirmation, please chat us at caradvise.com or call us at 1-844-9ADVISE and our team is happy to speak to the shop directly on your behalf and sort things out for you.

If there is an error message occurring, it is likely an issue with the VIN. Please log-in to your CarAdvise account, click “My Garage” and ensure that the VIN is correct. If there is an error, not to worry! You can update the VIN by simply clicking “Edit Vehicle” on the lower left-hand side of the vehicle. Then, ask the shop to resubmit through CarAdvise.

Please do not pay the shop directly, if you do you will not receive the CarAdvise special, discounted price or our Trust Guarantee! Your uploaded payment method has been charged through CarAdvise upon approval. If you did not receive a text to approve your services, please ask the shop to submit through CarAdvise. If the shop has any questions, please ask that they call us directly at 1-844-9ADVISE.

Approvals are the point during your order where you simultaneously approve services and pay for them. This happens prior to the shop starting your service, so that we can give the shop the go ahead to begin work. This also allows us to pay the shop as soon as work is completed. There are two types of approvals on the customer side which happen when a shop requests authorization for services:

  • Text Approvals:  These are sent to your cell phone at the start of service via our quick text link. This link pulls up all the services the shop is requesting authorization for, allowing you to go through and approve or decline services by sliding the pill button on each individual item. Don’t forget to press ‘submit’.
  • Auto-approvals: These are approvals that go through automatically because either the cost for the service did not change from what you booked, OR the cost of the item is $0 (an example being a courtesy check). These require no immediate action from you!

First, do not pay at the shop – with every service through CarAdvise, we offer our Price Guarantee. CarAdvise guarantees our prices for the service(s) you select at an identified shop will be lower than the in-store retail price at that shop. If you find a lower in-store retail price for service(s) at an identified shop than we are showing for that shop, CarAdvise will match the price plus give you 5% off. Excludes coupons, special promotions and special membership discounts. For price guarantee inquiries, call CarAdvise at 1-844-9ADVISE. You can find this information at caradvise.com/guarantee.

Pricing & QUALITY

For tires we have two options:

  1. Through our “TireLinc” feature you will see upfront pricing for the following shops: Firestone, TiresPlus, and Wheel Works. These prices are on average 10% less than the retail cost for these tires. As well as our tire installation being typically 20-30% less than the retail cost.
  2.  For our other brands, we offer a 5% credit on the tires (these savings are in addition to the discount you’ll have received on the tire installation, as mentioned above). Once your order is done, send an email after you complete your service to support@caradvise.com asking for your 5% tire rebate. We will look up your order to see which tires you selected and will issue your 5% credit

CarAdvise is a National platform able to offer bulk discount pricing on services due to our large customer base. The discounts typically range from 10-35% off retail, dependent on the services. You can browse services and pricing from your profile via your Dashboard!

If your order was updated by the shop after your initial approved charge, the difference should be automatically refunded. If your questions pertain to other concerns, please call us at (844) 923-8473 and we are happy to help!

With our Pricing Promise, CarAdvise guarantees our prices for the service(s) you select at an identified shop will be lower than the in-store retail price at that shop. If you find a lower in-store retail price for service(s) at an identified shop than we are showing, CarAdvise will match the price plus give you 5% off. Excludes coupons, special promotions and special membership discounts. For price guarantee inquiries, call CarAdvise at 1-844-9ADVISE.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your service experience, CarAdvise will make it right. Just contact us within 14 days of your completed service and CarAdvise will work with the shop to correct the service. For satisfaction guarantee inquiries, call CarAdvise at 1-844-9ADVISE. You can find this information at caradvise.com/guarantee.

You signed up as a Premium or Elite member, and we are so happy that you did! The fee that you are seeing is the monthly membership fee towards access to greater benefits with CarAdvise, including an additional 10% off your already discounted services. If you believe that this is in error, please send us an email detailing the issue at support@caradvise.com and our team will be happy to look into it for you.


FleetAdvise is a simple platform for total fleet maintenance management. Keep track of all of your vehicle’s car care repairs, approve all services and payments online, and select shops from our nationwide network of 23,000+ shops – all at a lower cost to you just for being a FleetAdvise member.

FleetAdvise is for a group, person, or company that manage any number of vehicles, usually for business purposes. FleetAdvise provides those companies with custom detailed reporting on all maintenance as well as maintenance reminders for vehicles out in the field. It also allows a single point of contact to manage the vehicles unlike a typical retail ownership perspective that matches a vehicle to a driver/owner.

Yes! With FleetAdvise you are guaranteed to save 10-30% on all vehicle maintenance and repair, backed by our Pricing Promise!

FleetAdvise allows fleet managers to monitor all of their vehicle’s maintenance history and upcoming maintenance. FleetAdvise also gives fleet managers the controls when it comes to approving services for all vehicles and payments, all online. Lastly, but certainly not least, FleetAdvise provides easy reporting options on all services completed on each vehicle.

You can either upload vehicles separately or as a bulk upload. 

To upload vehicles one-by-one:

      • Click Add a Vehicle 
      • Type or copy/paste in the VIN 
      • Click Enter 
        • The remaining fields will fill out automatically. 
      • Click Next to add additional details
      • Add Miles (if left blank this will be automatically updated after you receive a service)
      • Other ID is a recommended field to allow you to give the vehicle a custom name
      • License Plate information can also be stored here 
      • Click Add

To do a bulk upload

      • Click Download CSV Template 
      • Save this file somewhere you can easily access it
      • Open the CSV in a CSV editing program, like Microsoft Excel
      • Add each new vehicle in a separate row
      • Click Upload Vehicles CSV
      • Select your saved CSV
      • Vehicles uploaded

To change approval settings:

    • Go to settings on the left side of the page.
    • Click on ‘Policies’ tab
    • Here you can adjust multiple settings:
      • Approved by: You can set specific services to auto-approve or need approval from a specific user. 
      • Vehicles: You can set policies where only certain vehicles need approval or don’t need approval for services.
      • Max $ Amount: You can set your policies according to the prices of services. You may want anything under a certain price point to be auto-approved or large transactions to only be approved by certain users. 
      • Services: You can set specific services to be auto approved or to be approved by a specific user. 
  • Go to the Maintenance Tab on the left of your FleetAdvise platform
  • Click on Past Orders
  • Adjust the date to fit whatever reporting timeline needed
  • Click Download if you would like to export to excel
  • You may also use the search field on each column in the reporting page to search for a specific car, service, etc.

Shop FAQ

    • Check In As National Account – “CarAdvise” or “Car Advise” – via Auto Integrate
      • Get VIN
      • Submit request through Auto Integrate for approval of services
        • Customer will approve or decline requested services via text to their phone
    • Begin Work on Approved Services 
      • If there are additional service(s) recommended, submit the same ticket for approval of additional services. CarAdvise offers a wide array of services through our platform (all services that your shop performs can be done through CarAdvise.) 
        • Wait for customer’s approval/rejection of recommended services through Auto Integrate
        • Complete approved additional work only


Any shop can be part of our network! If you’re interested in joining the CarAdvise Shop Network please email shops@caradvise.com or call 844-9ADVISE to get in contact with our team.

Once you reach out to us, you’ll be given information on what systems we use, and how CarAdvise works to process customer orders. Our onboarding is personal to your shop and what you need.

We largely use Auto Integrate for shop ticket processing, as it’s the premier fleet software in the country for order processing, but we are happy to talk with you on your options if you call (844) 9ADVISE or email us at shops@caradvise.com.

Shops can call our Customer Experience Specialists at 844-923-8473 for status updates as needed! Please keep in mind that customers approve work on their phone in real-time, and you can often resubmit the ticket to refresh the approval status with Auto Integrate.

CarAdvise offers any repairs or maintenance within your shop’s capabilities!

Customers receive text notifications to approve services as soon as approval is requested in Auto Integrate! If the order is done without Auto Integrate, which is unusual, the customer gets the notification as soon as we send it to them from the shop estimate, which is usually under 5 minutes from receiving the estimate.

Work should not be done without electronic approval! This ensures the customer has approved services and submitted payment to CarAdvise.


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