Earn new customers with access to over 60M vehicle owners.
Get shop placement in our app, plus gain access to new business actively needing maintenance & repair.
Earn business through our key partners for various customer needs.

Gain access to over 1.2M driver parters with Uber, the largest ride share company in the world.

With over 15M vehicle owners and serving tow events for some of the largest insurance companies in the US, get ready for vehicles needing major repair work.

Tire Installation
Online tires sales is a multi-million dollar industry, but customers struggle to find an installation center until now.
Get Fleet
Ability to have the CarAdvise platform branded for your shop while offering the following benefits to fleet customers:
  • Grant permissions to managers/drivers to auto approve services per owner designated limits
  • Easy, in-app scheduling
  • Ability to remarket to new and returning customers
  • Find out when a vehicle is past due or has an upcoming service
  • Receive OEM maintenance reminders
  • Electronic authorization
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