Vehicle Maintenance Platform

CarAdvise network service providers integrate with our platform to enable and attract informed, targeted consumers in a cost-effective manner.


94% of CarAdvise users trust our maintenance and repair process.

Our network has over 35,000+ vetted shops with decades of experience through millions of transactions. Nationally branded shops work directly with CarAdvise via their point-of-sale system. Our partners include: car dealerships, national brands, and independent repair shops in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.




Increase Trust

RO’s increase by 7-25% when incorporating the CarAdvise process.

Earn New Business

CarAdvise represents millions of consumers through various partner relationships.

Earn Fleet Business

CarAdvise ‘s easy to use fleet management platform to schedule and streamline maintenance.

Stay Connected

Maintenance reminders are sent to CarAdvise customers, driving business back to the shop.

Earn Repeat Business

The CarAdvise technology is integrated into over 30,0000 shops nationwide.



Make customers WANT and ENJOY getting their vehicle serviced with consumer-centric solutions.

Electronic Scheduling

Stay on top of workloads with notifications and scheduling requests.

Fair Pricing

Show customers fair range pricing, eliminating the desire to get quotes from competitors.

Maintenance History

See maintenance history on any vehicle. See work performed and recommended.

Electronic Approval

Receive approval for additional services electronically, right from customers smartphones’.


Promote coupons and discounts to customers and reengage with upcoming service reminders.

Become CarAdvise Certified

It’s easy and will earn your shop a top listing on our app for consumer searches. Want your shop to be noticed by more consumers and to earn new business? Get certified today!

Get CarAdvise for Your Shop.

Gain customer insights and satisfaction.


“The technology is fantastic, CarAdvise is a full point of sale system for us.”Franchise Owner, Palatine
“From a shops point of view, CarAdvise is a no-brainer. Customers log on and follow along as we review their vehicle, simplifying the process while keeping their anxiety to a minimum.”Shop Manager, St. Charles
“CarAdvise helps consumers understand work needed, which is really beneficial.”Shop Manager, Schaumburg

Shop Products


Private Label Mobile App

Create an app unique to your shop to facilitate smoother transactions while providing a better experience for customers.

Electronic Inspection

Use the CarAdvise inspection to store information for your shop and help the consumer retrieve data.

CarAdvise Point-Of-Sale

Hate your POS system? Integrate with our mobile app and inspection platform.