4 Driving Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

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Want To Improve Your Fuel Economy? Look No Further!

Car fuel is one of those recurrent expenses that always keep car owners worried. With gasoline prices fluctuating, it is really easy to rack up intense yearly gas bills, especially if driving every day.
Although you can’t transform your car to make it fuel-efficient, there are things you can do to help you improve fuel economy in your car:


1) Drive After Removing Extra Weight

over packing


A lot of people forget that driving with a loaded car noticeably affects its mileage. Having a heavy load packed in your car puts more weight on the rear-wheel axles, making it difficult to get the required traction from all four tires which result in mileage loss.

Even if traction isn’t affected, the excess weight in your car will force the engine to use more power to attain a certain speed. Getting rid of excess weight in your car will show a noticeable improvement to your fuel economy.


2) Don’t Drive with Under Inflated Tires

flat tire


Both under and over-inflated tires are dangerous for drivers. However, the under-inflated tires will also drop the fuel economy of a car. Different estimates suggest that a car with deflated tires can lose up to 5 miles per gallon on its fuel economy. So, be sure to have your tires tested and recalibrated according to your manufacturer’s guide to ensure improved fuel economy and road traction.


3) Drive with Clean Air Filter and Spark Plugs

replace spark plugs


Replacing air filters and spark plugs are a must! An engine accompanied by clean spark plugs and air filters will burn gasoline more efficiently, improving your vehicles fuel economy.


4) Don’t Drive with Worn-out Gas Cap Seal

The rubber seal of your vehicle’s gas cap will wear down. Many people don’t pay much heed to its wear and tear because it doesn’t have a direct impact on the performance of the car. However, for fuel economy purposes, it can be harmful.

The degraded rubber seal lets more air (oxygen) into the engine via fuel. This further catalyzes the internal combustion that results in more rapid burning of fuel and decreased economy.

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