4 Tips for Driving in the Rain to Avoid Road Mishaps

Bad Weather Driving Tips

Wet weather conditions are always more dangerous than dry conditions. Every year thousands of accidents happen just because of the rainy weather. Reduced visibility also contributes to the high number of accidents that occur during rainy weather conditions. With the help of these tips, you can make driving in the rain safe and crash-proof.


1) Turn Off Cruise Control


Cruise control is given for drivers’ convenience. However, it can become dangerous during rainy weather because it makes it easier for cars to hydroplane.


2) Turn On Your Headlights

In overcast and heavy downpour conditions, road visibility significantly decreases. So, it’s better to keep your headlights on regardless of what time of day it is.


3) Prepare for Rains Beforehand

If your region experiences heavy rain throughout the summer, then some beforehand preparations can come in handy to avoid any road mishap:

  • Pay attention to your tire traction because it is the most common underlying cause of accidents during rainy weather
  • Make sure the tires still have deep treads that can grip even when the road friction drops
  • Have you car brake checked by an expert mechanic
  • Make sure wiper blades are in their optimal working condition


driving in the rain


4) Dealing with Hydroplaning

A car cruising at 35 mph on a road with a 1/12th-inch thin layer of water can experience hydroplaning. In any such instance, don’t press the brake pedal all the way down. It might result in uncontrollable skidding. Instead, stay calm and ease your foot off the gas to regain control of your car while steering in the direction you want to go.


rainy bumper

4) Be Alert

You should always drive fully alter however this becomes extremely important during rains. Keep your distance from the other moving vehicles to avoid tailgating. Also, take your turns slower than normal and have patience because commutes get longer during rainy weather.

By taking care of these basics, you can certainly reduce the chances of accidents while driving in the rain.

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