4 Useful Parking Tips to Protect Your Car from Damage

How To Keep Parking Stress Free

Parking can be extremely stressful, especially in congested areas. In this article, we will discuss some useful parking tips that can protect your car from parking dings and damage. To remove the stress out of car maintenance, be sure to book with CarAdvise and save on all of your services!


1) Look for a slot that’s wide enough to keep you away from dings

parking tips

One of the biggest problems for drivers in urban areas is the lack of parking. This forces people to make the most out of every inch, fitting their cars into tight spaces.

However, doing so can lead to dings in your car. Ideally, you should choose a place where you can easily open your car doors with no risk of panel-to-panel contact. Going around the block to search for parking is better than wasting time and money getting bodywork done.


2) Always park your car in single slot spaces in both open and indoor parking garages

parking tips

If you find a slot between a parked car and a wall (or column), utilize every inch at the side of the wall. Walls and columns don’t move, so you won’t have to worry about them bumping into your parked car.

You should also try and leave space between your car and other cars in a parking lot. A car door has sharp edges that will damage anything it comes into contact with.


3) Go for the farthest slot

Everyone wants to keep the most convenient spot for themselves. Therefore, the majority of people try to park close to the place where it’s easiest to get out (i.e., near the entrance or elevator). Go for a spot that’s a little further away to give you more space from other cars.

parking tips

4) Park closer to the sidewalk in parallel parking

Parking close to the sidewalk lets you create a buffer zone between your and any other cars passing behind it.  As a driver, you should be completely aware of your surroundings. To save your car from any unnecessary scratches, keep a safe distance from other cars and leave appropriate space between your car and others.

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