5 Must See Attractions at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

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A trip to the Chicago Auto Show can be a bit overwhelming. It’s an enormous expo of sights and sounds that can be a challenge to navigate and nearly impossible to see everything. CarAdvise is here to help ensure you don’t miss the must-see attractions. Here are 5 of our favorites…

1. Go Cubs Go! The celebration of the World Series champ Chicago Cubs continues at the auto show with Toyota’s 10-foot replica of the World Series trophy. If you missed it at the victory parade then be sure to check it out up close.

2. See some high-performance vehicles in action at the indoor drag strip display.

3. The force is strong with Nissan. The X-Wing inspired Rogue might be the coolest concept car in the building. If you can get past the Storm Troopers, it’s worth a look. R2 unit not included.

4. A trip to the auto show is not complete without a visit to the off-road demos. Check out Dodge Ram trucks getting pushed to the limits in the off-road test track.

5. Take a peek into the future with Toyota’s Tron-like concept cars, the FV2, FCV and i-Road.

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