Antique Autos: The Most Famous Classic Cars

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Which cars are the cornerstones of American car culture?

Just about every car enthusiast out there has a favorite classic car model. Some may even own a vintage classic car that they work on in their garages and take for a joyride. There’s something truly special about the craftsmanship and design of older classic cars. With so many to choose from, which classic cars are the most iconic? 


Here’s our picks for the most famous classic cars:


Chevrolet Corvette

The most popular classic car in 40 states!

classic cars


Ford Mustang

An iconic sports car that is still making new models today.

classic cars


Dodge Challenger

One of the longest-running sports car lines with plenty of classic models!

classic cars


Pontiac GTO

America’s original muscle car and a favorite by auto enthusiasts everywhere.

classic cars


What’s your favorite classic car? 


Do you have a vintage dream car you wish to drive one day? We certainly have a couple and we look forward to seeing a few of these models at local car shows when they make an appearance.

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