Simple Guide to Engine Pistons


The internal combustion engine inside of your car can appear to be very complex with many different components that make the engine and the combustion process work. One of those components is the engine piston. Your car’s engine will have between four and twelve pistons each located inside its corresponding engine cylinder. The movement of […]

How Does a Hybrid Car Work?

hybrid cars

Hybrid electric cars, or simple hybrid cars, have been gaining popularity in the automotive industry for the past couple of years. They offer a “best of both worlds” solution between the traditional gas-powered car and the futuristic electric cars. As car manufacturers start to race towards a future of only fully-electric cars and the government […]

Car Maintenance: How to Take Care of Your Car

car maintenance

A large part of car ownership is taking care of and maintaining it. If you’re a first-time car owner or even just a casual driver, you may not know all of the different parts and services that car maintenance entails. It’s important to not only know what kinds of car maintenance services to get for […]

Car A/C Repair: Everything You Need to Know

car A/C repair

Summer is on its way – soon you will be turning off the heat and cranking up the A/C in your car on hot sunny days. We don’t often think about the state of our car’s air-conditioning system and it may be something we take for granted. The reality is, just like with many other […]

Transmission Maintenance: How to Take Care of Your Car’s Transmission


The transmission is an important component in any vehicle as it allows the wheels to utilize power from the engine and move. As with most of your car’s components, you will want to be sure to take good care of your transmission and get routine maintenance done on it to prevent issues and prolong its’ […]

Why is Catalytic Converter Theft Rising and How to Prevent It

catalytic converter

Catalytic converter theft has been rising at an alarming rate. The valuable car component has been a target for thieves looking to cash in on scrap metal for quite some time now, but recent statistics show a rapid growth in catalytic converter theft in recent months. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), instances […]

Electric Car Maintenance vs Gas: Which is Cheaper?

electric car being charged

With electric cars becoming more popular and available, you may be wondering if they are cheaper to own than your standard gas-powered cars. The purchase price of an electric car, although higher than your average gas-powered car, has started to become more affordable as newer models get released. Energy costs are also lower with an […]

Car Maintenance for Getting Ready Before a Road Trip

road trip

When preparing for a road trip, it is important to make sure your car is in good working order before you hit the road. This will include getting car maintenance beforehand to ensure that your car will be able to endure the long journey ahead. Let’s take a look at the most important maintenance items […]

In Search of the Best Car Maintenance App: A Handy Checklist

CarAdvise car maintenance app

Technology helps make our lives easier and more comfortable, especially when it comes to car maintenance apps. Gone are the days of calling a handful of shops, working around their schedule through an antiquated booking process, and tracking your maintenance with a shoebox full of receipts. With a car maintenance app, car care is easy […]

How to Find the Best (and Cheapest) Brake Service

cheapest brake service

Your brakes, just like any other car part, require good care and regular maintenance. Between the brake pads, discs, and brake fluid, there is a lot that goes into maintaining your vehicle’s brakes. You want to be sure that you are getting the best brake service from a shop and mechanic you trust without spending […]