Old Cars – Memories of Old, Still on the Road

There aren’t many trends that persist through the generations. Things like trendy clothes, hairstyles, music, movies and even jargon seems to have a moment in time. In thinking about trends and what’s in and what’s out, we had to think about the things that have managed to traverse the years of changing trends. Although it’s […]

The New Employee Perk Platform – CarPerks

CarPerks Logo Pink

CarAdvise Launches CarPerks, A New Employee Perk Platform CHICAGO, IL, USA May 11, 2021 –CarAdvise, America’s top online vehicle maintenance and repair marketplace technology has launched CarPerks powered by CarAdvise, the newest employee perk platform. CarPerks will allow companies to provide their employees discounted car care as well as free roadside assistance to help alleviate […]

Tire Tips – How To Keep Your Tires In Good Shape


Tire Tips – How To Keep Your Tires In Good Shape & How To Replace Your Tires When Its Time On today’s tire tips we’re going to tell you how to keep your tires in tip-top shape. We’re also going to tell you how to know when to replace them when that day actually comes. […]

CAR SMARTS – 5 Steps to Find a Mechanic You Trust


When there’s a problem with your vehicle, where do you find a mechanic or technician you can trust to work on my car?   You can go to the dealer, are pair shop but which one can you trust and how do you get a discount on that maintenance.   Whether its an oil change […]

Oil Change – How Often Should Should I Get One?


If you find yourself asking the question, how often should I get an oil change? This is a great question and sooooo many drivers have it. The reason you may not know it is because there isn’t an all encompassing answer. Different cars have different recommendations for oil change intervals. The only way for you […]

Tax Write Offs – Attention All Gig Drivers


We are all always looking for those tax write offs. If you drive for Uber, DoorDash, Instacart or any other gig business, you’re in luck! Because if you’re a gig driver, you have write offs on write offs!  All of the services you receive on or for your vehicle are a tax write off because […]

Fluids – What’s Up With Transmission Fluid?

transmission fluid

If you own a car with an automatic transmission, you may have heard that you need to get regular transmission flushes. The truth is that you can do the job right in your own garage — if you know how to do it properly. During this example on how to flush your transmission fluid we […]

Car Washing Tips, Tricks and Must-Haves For Spring Cleaning


Who doesn’t love a squeaky clean car?  Whether it’s the inside or the outside of your car we all love that new car shine and we’re here to tell you all about how to get it!  So here are out car washing tips, tricks and must-haves. First, how do you keep that car shining on […]

Preventative Maintenance – what should I do?

preventative maintenance

April Fools Is Over, But still, don’t be foolish, get that preventative maintenance done now! We promise, this isn’t a joke….. If you don’t take care of that preventative maintenance you’ve been putting off you’re going to end up paying a lot more in large repairs.  So don’t be foolish! There are a few things […]

CarAdvise ASE Certified GearHead Car Maintenance Advice


Eggsalent Advice From the Head Easter Bunny – You wouldn’t ask a regular bunny about Easter, you’d ask the Bunny in charge! Same goes for cars! You wouldn’t just ask anyone about cars, you’d ask the car people, and that would be ASE Certified Technicians to be exact.  Here at CarAdvise we have the best […]