Car Accident Guide: What to Do After a Fender Bender

Ever get in a fender bender and have no idea how to deal with it? A large number of fender benders have nothing to do with tricky road conditions or reckless driving. They can happen anywhere from a parking lot to an empty side lane.

There are some general things that every driver should remember in the wake of a fender bender to deal with it in the best possible manner:

Stop, No Matter What

Even if it’s a minor scratch or a bumper collision, you should immediately pull over to the side lane and turn the hazard lights on. Get out of the car and try to assess what happened. Your calm and non-panicky behavior might also persuade the other driver to act in the same manner.

Even if it’s not your fault, don’t run away from the scene.


Call the Law Enforcement

call police

After pulling over, gauging the damage, and ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe and sound, call the police. Remember that calling the police doesn’t mean inviting trouble. Police officials often play an effective role of arbitrator in such scenarios. Their reports can also help you in filing a successful insurance claim.


Gather Evidence

With a smartphone at your disposal, it has become really easy to document an accident on your own. While law enforcement personnel are arriving on the scene, take pictures of the damages incurred by both cars and the location where it happened.

photograph damage

Exchange Information with Other Driver

In some cases, you are directed to report to the nearby police station. If that’s the case, make sure to exchange personal information with the other driver. Don’t be afraid to act first to take away any apprehension of the other driver.

Don’t forget to also note the badge number and name of the police officer that is attending you. You should also ask them for the accident report which will help you with filing a successful insurance claim.

popo fender bender


Act with Civility

Fender benders usually happen due to honest mistakes. So, there is no need to get harsh or violent while speaking to the other driver even if he/she is in the wrong. Try to be as civil as possible.

In the end, it is important to notify your insurance provider regarding the accident. Many insurers obligate claimants to report the accident within a particular time. So, take care of your insurance claim as soon as possible to make sure you get compensation for the accident.

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