Car Washing Tips, Tricks and Must-Haves For Spring Cleaning

Who doesn’t love a squeaky clean car? 

Whether it’s the inside or the outside of your car we all love that new car shine and we’re here to tell you all about how to get it!  So here are out car washing tips, tricks and must-haves.

First, how do you keep that car shining on the outside? If you want to clean your car so well you can see your reflection, try your hand at these products:


Car wash soap

Ok obviously, you need soap, but where detergents or dish soap would strip your car’s wax so the surface isn’t protected. Soaps specifically made for car’s won’t do that, so you can wash your car rest assured the wax is intact. 


Car wash buckets

Why would you want one of these? Here’s why: a car wash buck has a dirt filter in it! This way, when you’re rinsing your sponges in the bucket you can be sure you are using clean water. Unfortunately, if you’re washing your car with dirty water you could be adding streaks to your car or worse, scratching your paint with little pebbles or debris. 



You can either get microfiber towels or even washing mitts. Either way, microfiber is much safer to use on your car than a towel or a sponge. Part of keeping your car shiny is making sure there aren’t streaks and protecting your car’s wax layer – a microfiber product will do that best!


Pro tip: You don’t need a hose nozzle but we do recommend one. This way you can control the velocity of the water and can get all the dirt and grime off the bottom of your car with high water pressure! A simple nozzel should do the trick: Garden Hose Nozzle


Ok now for the inside of your car! There’s something about that clean, new car smell that we all love. So why not strive to have that all the time! Here are some of our recommendations for those who want to keep their interior tidy: 



This might seem obvious, and it is! In order to clean your car right you need to make sure you’re getting all of the big pieces of dirt, hair, food, or whatever other things have been lost in your car. Get the seats, the floor mats, under the seats and anywhere else you can reach!


Upholstery or leather cleaner

Most materials used inside cars are pretty durable and can deal with life’s wear and tear, but we’re all destined to spill and make messes. Whether you’re trying to get rid of one stain or just trying to revive the seats in your car be sure to find an upholstery cleaner for your car! This’ll help preserve the life of the fabric or leather and keep things looking new!


Pro tip: The outside of your windshield isn’t the only place that needs to be cleaned. The inside of your windshield is bound to have built up and grime. So when you’re cleaning your interior don’t forget about your windshield. Here is our recommendation: Invisible Glass


Remember that a clean car isn’t just for aesthetics! A clean exterior can help reduce rust and build up and a clean interior can improve your driving conditions and comfort! Treat your car to a deep clean – it is spring cleaning season, is it not?

car washing tips

If you want to learn more about car tips and trick this spring, check out our educational resources here:

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