An ABS System Diagnosis & Testing cost in Paramount in 2024

The average cost for abs system diagnosis & testing with CarAdvise is $122 and the range is generally between $71 and $274.

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An ABS System Diagnosis & Testing costs by shop in Paramount.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $24 on An ABS System Diagnosis & Testing.


Average cost of An ABS System Diagnosis & Testing for popular vehicle models in Paramount:

Car Model

Avg. cost


THE IMPORTANCE OF An ABS System Diagnosis & Testing

What is ABS system diagnosis & testing?

ABS system diagnosis and testing is a service performed by a qualified automotive technician. It involves connecting an electronic scan tool to your vehicle’s data port and running one or more “functional tests” on the anti-lock braking system. These tests usually include detection (and signal verification) of the vehicle’s important ABS components, including the wheel speed sensors, ABS control unit, ABS pump (if separate from the control unit), and a yaw sensor (if so equipped).


How do I know if my vehicle needs ABS system diagnosis & testing?

A number of conditions might warrant an ABS system diagnosis and testing procedure. These include:

Your ABS warning light comes on in the dashboard display

A diagnostic trouble code related to the ABS is detected

You notice that the ABS does not engage when it should on slippery or loose gravel surfaces

The ABS engages when it should not, such as on dry pavement or non-slippery surfaces

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How does a technician perform An ABS System Diagnosis & Testing ?

ABS system diagnosis and testing typically requires that a technician do the following:

  • Test drive your vehicle in an attempt to duplicate the problem
  • Plug in a diagnostic scan tool to the vehicle’s data port to read any error codes associated with the ABS
  • Run one or more functional tests with the scan tool to communicate with and operate the ABS components
  • Perform a visual inspection of an ABS components indicated by the diagnostic scan
  • Perform pinpoint testing as necessary on questionable components using a multimeter and/or oscilloscope


How do you diagnose an ABS system?
To diagnose an ABS system when the ABS light is on, you can check for obvious defects such as loose wires or a damaged ABS unit. However, to truly determine the source of an ABS light, you will need a qualified technician who can connect a high level scan tool that can talk to the ABS computer - and who can accurately diagnose what the data from the scan tool reveals..
Can I drive with an ABS error?
Yes, your vehicle will still drive with an ABS error, and your brakes will still engage. However, you should be aware that both the ABS system and the traction control system may not function as a result of an ABS error. It should also be noted that driving with no ABS can be dangerous depending on the driving conditions in which you operate your vehicle, and should be avoided.
How do I get rid of an ABS fault?
Getting rid of an ABS fault needs to be accomplished by a qualified technician with access to a high level scan tool that can communicate with your vehicle's ABS computer. That is the only way to accurately determine the direction of the fault. Even once a scan has been performed it may be necessary for a technician to conduct a series of pinpoint tests with a multimeter or an oscilloscope.

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