A Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement cost in Perth Amboy in 2024

The average cost for abs wheel speed sensor with CarAdvise is $212 and the range is generally between $90 and $438.

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A Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement costs by shop in Perth Amboy.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $42 on A Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement.


Average cost of A Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement for popular vehicle models in Perth Amboy:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement

What is a wheel speed sensor and how does it work?

A wheel speed sensor is part of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control system on your vehicle. Actually, there are four wheel speed sensors, one for each wheel. The job of a wheel speed sensor is to detect the rate of speed at which your wheel is spinning. That information is sent to one of your vehicle’s computers where wheel speed is constantly monitored.

The way that a wheel speed sensor works is through the use of magnets. A metal ring attached to each wheel hub has a series of ridges around the edge. The wheel speed sensor magnets (mounted nearby) sense these ridges and convert the magnetic field that is generated as a result into an electrical signal that is relayed to the computer. The computer takes the speed of the wheel into consideration when it decides whether to engage the ABS control unit (or the traction control).


How do I know if my vehicle needs a wheel speed sensor replaced?

Signs that your vehicle might need one or more new wheel speed sensors include the following:

The ABS light comes on in the dashboard display

A diagnostic scan reveals a trouble code related to the ABS or traction control system

You notice that the ABS is malfunctioning by either failing to engage when it should or engaging when it should not

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How does a technician perform A Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement ?

To replace a wheel speed sensor, a technician must first raise and support your vehicle off of the ground for access. The wheel and tire must also be removed. From there, the process differs greatly from one vehicle make and model to the next. That is because of the way each manufacturer locates and mounts the sensor.

Some vehicles integrate the wheel speed sensor into the wheel hub assembly. In those cases, the wheel hub must be changed in order to replace the sensor. Other manufacturers place the sensor in a mount on the steering knuckle where the wheel hub is mounted. In those instances, the sensor might be simply unbolted and dislodged. But the sensor is often corroded in place and needs to be extracted with care.

Other Questions Customers Ask

What happens if a wheel speed sensor fails?
If one or more of your wheel speed sensors goes bad, your anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control system (TCS) will be disabled. That is because the computer will no longer be able to discern the speed that your wheel or axle is spinning. The cause of a bad wheel speed sensor is often a broken wire or a fouled magnet on the sensor.
Do wheel speed sensors need to be programmed?
No. A new wheel speed sensor does not need to be programmed. These sensors operate by generating a magnetic field in conjunction with a convoluted metal ring on the wheel hub. As the hub spins with the axle and wheel, the magnet(s) on the sensor creates a magnetic field that is converted to an electrical signal to the computer. That data is used to operate the ABS and TCS features on your vehicle.
Will a wheel speed sensor throw a code?
A wheel speed sensor will usually activate the ABS warning light when it fails. That is because the ABS will not operate if a sensor goes bad. A faulty wheel speed sensor could also trigger a diagnostic trouble code that can be read with a scan tool.

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