An Air Injection Pump Filter Replacement cost in Manassas in 2024

The average cost for an air injection system air pump filter element with CarAdvise is $42 and the range is generally between $31 and $57.

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An Air Injection Pump Filter Replacement costs by shop in Manassas.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $8 on An Air Injection Pump Filter Replacement.


Average cost of An Air Injection Pump Filter Replacement for popular vehicle models in Manassas:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF An Air Injection Pump Filter Replacement

What is an air pump filter and how does it work?

An air injection pump filter is part of the emission control system on a vehicle. 

The air pump system (more formally referred to as the secondary air injection system) is designed to lower tailpipe emissions from a vehicle by pumping fresh air into the exhaust pipe just after the exhaust gases leave the engine. By pumping fresh air into the exhaust pipe, the system increases the oxygen level of the exhaust gases, thereby allowing any unburnt fuel to be burned inside the exhaust pipe prior to releasing into the atmosphere. This extra combustion step inside the exhaust pipe reduces hydrocarbon emissions. It also adds heat to the catalytic converter(s) following startup, which allows them to work more efficiently. The air pump filter is the first step in the system flow, ensuring that the air pump itself is bringing in clean and dust-free air to pass through the system and ultimately be injected into the exhaust.


How do I know if my vehicle needs an air pump filter replacement?

Your vehicle may need a new air pump filter if any of the following are occurring:

The check engine light comes on and a diagnostic code reveals a problem with the secondary air injection system, air pump, or catalytic converter

Emissions system light illuminates on dashboard

Your vehicle fails an emissions test

If the replacement or cleaning interval recommended by the manufacturer has been exceeded

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How does a technician perform An Air Injection Pump Filter Replacement ?

To replace an air pump filter, a technician will likely take the following steps:

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal to cut power to the vehicle
  • Remove any heat shields, guards, or other components blocking access to the filter
  • Remove the filter housing and filter, and replace with a new filter
  • Reinstall any components removed to access the filter
  • Reconnect the battery
  • Verify the repair by starting the vehicle and checking for any diagnostic trouble codes related to the secondary air injection system

Other Questions Customers Ask

What does the secondary air filter do?
The secondary air filter, or air pump filter, removes dust and debris from the air entering the secondary air pump system. This filter is vital to the health of the air pump as well as the catalytic converter.
Can you clean the secondary air injection pump?
Cleaning the secondary air injection pump can be accomplished with some specialty tools, however is not something easily achieved by the vehicle owner. Typically, if a vehicle has issues with the secondary air pump, a replacement is recommended instead of a cleaning.
Can you drive without a secondary air pump?
Normally, the vehicle will still run and drive without a secondary air pump, however the check engine light may stay on and there may be a loss of engine power. On certain models, the engine control module (computer) will place the vehicle in "limp mode" and only allow partial operation of the throttle if the secondary air system is not working properly.

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