A Battery Disposal cost in Lawrence in 2024

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A Battery Disposal costs by shop in Lawrence.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Battery Disposal

What is a car battery and how does it work?

A car battery provides electrical power to start your engine. It also powers all of the electronics on board until the engine is running. When you turn on the ignition, the starter pulls power from the battery to start the engine. In the process, the starter depletes the battery slightly. Once the engine is running, however, the alternator (a generator attached to the engine) recharges the battery and takes over all of the other electrical functions. The battery also acts as a buffer to the electrical system in the case of a power surge or excessive current draw. Note, this is not the same component as the high-voltage battery found in an electric or hybrid vehicle.


When should a car battery be disposed of?

A fully-charged car battery should measure 12.6 volts at rest. If the battery consistently falls below that measure, it likely needs to be replaced. Actually, a battery that tests below 12 volts is considered a “dead” battery. When that is the case, you may notice the following signs:

Your engine may not turn over when you try to start it

You may hear only a “clicking” sound when you try to start your engine

The battery light may be illuminated on the dash display

A test with a voltmeter or ammeter may show abnormal readings

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How does a technician perform A Battery Disposal ?

To properly dispose of a car battery, the repair facility or mechanic must follow state and local regulations that usually prohibit throwing the battery in the trash. Rather, a car battery can usually be taken to a local salvage yard or recycling center. More than likely, though, the supplier of your new battery will accept the old one as an exchange for refund of the “core” charge associated with the cost of the unit.


Can a swollen car battery be fixed?
The main reason that a car battery becomes swollen is due to overcharging. This can happen if your vehicle’s alternator has a faulty voltage regulator or if the wrong type of battery charger is used on the battery. Freezing is another cause of swelling. If a battery loses its charge and the temperature drops below freezing, the electrolyte will freeze, causing the battery to swell and crack. In any case, no matter what the cause, do not drive a vehicle with a swollen battery.
Are car batteries allowed to be thrown away?
Due to the harmful chemicals inside a car battery (i.e. lead and sulphuric acid), most municipalities prohibit throwing car batteries in the trash. Automotive batteries can often be recycled, so many recycling centers accept old batteries, as do auto parts stores that sell batteries.
Why do you remove the negative terminal first?
A mechanic will remove the negative terminal on a battery first to avoid causing an electrical short, which can happen if the positive cable is removed first. Car batteries emit an explosive gas that can combust if there is a spark in the vicinity.

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