A Blower Motor Relay Replacement cost in Los Angeles in 2024

The average cost for a blower motor relay replacement is $125

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A Blower Motor Relay Replacement costs by shop in Los Angeles.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Blower Motor Relay Replacement

What is a blower motor relay and how does it work?

The blower motor relay is a type of switch that helps a driver to control the speed of the fan that blows air through the cabin vents.

The blower motor (fan) in your vehicle’s HVAC system requires a good deal more power than the control circuit can carry. The fan speed selection switch or computer control operates on a low voltage circuit. But the blower motor needs more power and therefore operates on a higher-voltage circuit with more current.

Inside the blower motor relay are two electrical circuits. One that can accommodate the needs of the blower motor, and another that can receive the low-voltage signal from the climate controls. When you change the fan setting, the low-voltage control signal is used to trigger an electromagnetic switch on the high-powered side, switching the blower motor on or off.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a new blower motor relay?

If the blower motor relay in your vehicle is bad, chances are your vent fan (blower motor) will not work. It could possibly work intermittently. Look for these signs of a bad blower motor relay:

When you turn on the heat or AC, no air comes from the vents

You do not hear the fan running at all

The fan comes on or turns off intermittently

The fuse powering the blower motor circuit keeps blowing

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How does a technician perform A Blower Motor Relay Replacement ?

Blower motor relay replacement is typically a straightforward procedure on most vehicles. It often requires that a technician disconnect the battery, taking care to preserve the computer’s memory in the process. Once the general location of the relay (often in a covered fuse/relay block in the engine compartment) is identified, and the specific placement of the relay within the fuse/relay panel is determined, the technician will open the fuse/relay block and extract the relay. A new relay is inserted into the block and the cover is reinstalled.

Other Questions Customers Ask

Where is the blower motor relay located?
A blower motor relay is typically located in a sealed fuse/relay block inside the engine compartment. If you remove the cover to the fuse/relay block case, you will notice an array of fuses and relays. A diagram is used to determine which is the blower motor relay. You will find that, rather than being located in the engine compartment, the blower motor relay on some vehicles is mounted in a fuse panel underneath the dashboard inside the cabin.
How do I know if it is the blower motor relay or resistor that is bad?
While specific diagnosis might best be left to a qualified technician, there are some differences between the signs related to a bad blower motor relay and resistor. For instance, when a blower motor resistor is failing, the fan might still operate on some speed settings. When a blower motor resistor goes bad, on the other hand, the blower tends to stop working completely.
What causes blower motor relay failure?
Blower motor relay failure is usually caused by one of three things - overheating, corrosion (which can lead to overheating), and too much current coming from a bad blower motor (which can also cause overheating). In each case, the resistor can seize up inside and fail to respond to input from the control circuit.

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