A Center Brake Light Replacement cost in Sierra Vista in 2024

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Center Brake Light Replacement

What is a center brake light and how does it work?

Known by several names - the third brake light, high-mount light, center mount light, and, officially according to the law, “center high mount stop lamp” or CHMSL, the center brake light is a lamp mounted at the rear of a vehicle, higher than the normal brake lights and in the center. The light comes on whenever the driver presses on the brake pedal.

Studies show that a brake light placed higher and more prominently at the rear of a vehicle helps to prevent rear end collisions. Therefore, since 1986, vehicles in North America have been required to have a center brake light.


How do I know if my vehicle needs the center brake light replaced?

Signs that a center brake light needs to be replaced are fairly simple and straightforward. If you or someone else notices that the light is not coming on when the brake pedal is pressed, the light probably needs to be replaced. In most modern vehicles, a dashboard warning light or status indicator will also reveal a bad brake light, be it a standard brake light or the center brake light.

In some cases, a failed center brake light might be caused by a blown fuse or problem with the wiring. In those cases, the light would not necessarily need to be replaced.

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How does a technician perform A Center Brake Light Replacement ?

The procedure to replace a center brake light depends on the specific vehicle make and model. Most cars place the center brake light above the package tray or rear deck, just below the rear window. Vehicles with hatchbacks or liftgates might have the light mounted inside at the top of the gate window or outside, mounted in a spoiler. Trucks often feature a center brake light at the top of the tailgate.

In general, a technician will need to remove any covers that are in the way of access to the bulb or assembly. The light is unfastened and dislodged, and the bulb is replaced. If the light is LED, the entire light assembly might need replacement.

Other Questions Customers Ask

Do you need a center brake light?
Since 1986, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has required all new vehicles to be manufactured with a third brake light, more properly called a “center high mount stop lamp” or CHMSL. Not only is your vehicle safer with a center brake light, but you can receive a traffic ticket if it is not working.
Does the third brake light matter?
Studies show that the inclusion of a center mount stop lamp, or center brake light, leads to fewer rear-end collisions. It is estimated that there have been hundreds of thousands less of such crashes as a result of the light and tens of thousands fewer injuries. Newer studies are looking at whether LED center brake lights are better at preventing crashes than incandescent lights.
Should I replace all brake lights at once?
It is advised that the lights on your vehicle should be replaced as pairs or sets. If one headlight burns out, it is likely that the other will fail in time as well. Same goes for the brake lights. If one burns out, it is a good idea to replace all of the bulbs, including the center brake light, as a set.

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