A CVT Transmission Replacement cost in Newark in 2024

The average cost for a continuously variable transmission/transaxle, cvt with CarAdvise is $3414 and the range is generally between $82 and $6151.

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A CVT Transmission Replacement costs by shop in Newark.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $683 on A CVT Transmission Replacement.


Average cost of A CVT Transmission Replacement for popular vehicle models in Newark:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A CVT Transmission Replacement

What is a CVT transmission and how does it work?

A CVT transmission or "continuously variable transmission" is unlike a traditional automatic or manual transmission, as it does not use gears of differing ratios to cycle through during normal driving. A CVT transmission uses cone shaped pulleys that change in width depending on the desired speed and RPM of the vehicle and engine. As these change in width, the belts or chains connecting them move further in towards the center of the cone, or further out towards the circumference. As these move along the cone, it changes the ratio of the engine to driveshaft speed, therefore creating a smooth driving experience and holding the engine RPM steady at many vehicle speeds.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a CVT transmission replacement?

A vehicle likely needs a CVT transmission replacement if any of the following is occurring:

Transmission light is illuminated on dash

Unusual operation through acceleration, such as engine RPM spiking or dropping abnormally

Transmission overheating

Transmission slippage

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How does a technician perform A CVT Transmission Replacement ?

To replace a CVT transmission, a technician will likely do the following:

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal to cut power to the vehicle
  • Remove any shields, guards, covers, or ducts to gain access to the transmission
  • Raise the vehicle up on a lift
  • Disconnect all wiring leading to the transmission
  • Disconnect and drain all fluid lines connected to the transmission
  • Disconnect all linkages connected to the transmission
  • Disconnect the driveshaft(s) or CV axles from the transmission
  • Support the transmission with a transmission jack and disconnect the mounts for the transmission
  • Disconnect the transmission from the engine at the housing and flywheel
  • Lower the transmission down from the vehicle with the transmission jack
  • Raise the new transmission up and into place in the vehicle with the transmission jack, and connect it to the engine and transmission mounts
  • Reconnect all driveshafts, CV axles, linkages, and wiring to the transmission
  • Reconnect all fluid lines to transmission
  • Reinstall any shields, guards, covers, or ducts removed to access the transmission
  • Lower the vehicle to the ground and refill with fresh transmission fluid
  • Start the vehicle and verify the repair by test driving the vehicle as well as connecting a diagnostic tool and checking for normal feedback values from the computer
  • On some vehicles, the engine may have to be partially or completely removed to remove and replace the transmission. If this is necessary, the repair will take much longer and will have added steps.

Other Questions Customers Ask

Why are CVT transmissions so expensive to repair?
CVT transmissions are not nearly as common as traditional manual or automatic transmissions in today's vehicles, therefore not as many shops specialize in, or are able to repair, CVT transmissions. Internally a CVT transmission is very different from any other type, and requires special tooling and training to be able to service it properly.
Is it worth repairing a CVT transmission?
CVT transmissions are very complex internally and also have a tendency to fail catastrophically when serious issues arise. For these reasons it is often recommended to replace the entire transmission instead of repairing it.
How can I extend the life of my CVT transmission?
Extending the life of a CVT transmission is similar to any other transmission. Follow the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule for fluid and filter changes, and do not tow more than the rated capacity of the vehicle. These two factors alone will greatly extend the life of the CVT transmission.

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