The national average cost for a cooling system pressure test in 2022 is $28

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National average cost of a Cooling System Pressure Test
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What is a cooling system pressure test and how does it work?

A cooling system pressure test is a diagnostic procedure that allows a technician to check for leaks in a vehicle’s cooling system. When leaks are present, coolant is lost and air is allowed to enter the system. Both problems can lead to engine overheating and serious engine damage. The test is also used to determine if there is a faulty component, such as the radiator, hose, or water pump.

Signs that a cooling system pressure test needs to be done

The cooling system in your vehicle should not leak fluid. When it does, your engine’s ability to regulate its temperature is diminished. Overheating could result. Make sure to have the cooling system inspected, including a pressure test if necessary, if you notice any of the following signs

Your engine is overheating

The coolant level drops below the “fill” line in the overflow tank

You see a fluid leak underneath the front end of your vehicle

You notice a sweet syrup smell in or near your vehicle


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How is this service performed

How is a Cooling System Pressure Test done?

To perform a cooling system pressure test, a technician will remove the radiator cap once the engine has cooled and install a special device, a pressure tester. The pressure tester seals in the mouth of the radiator. The technician will pump up the tester to add 13-16 psi of air pressure. Once the system has been pressurized, the vehicle will be allowed to sit for 20-30 minutes. If a leak is present, the gauge on the tester should show a change in pressure and coolant should exit from the leak location. These clues will help the technician identify the failed component or other cause of the leak. Note

  • To prevent serious injury, a cooling system pressure test should only be conducted on a cool engine, or one that has cooled off for at least half an hour.


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