A Cruise Control Switch Replacement cost in Wyoming in 2024

The average cost for a cruise control switch with CarAdvise is $263 and the range is generally between $189 and $404.

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A Cruise Control Switch Replacement costs by shop in Wyoming.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $53 on A Cruise Control Switch Replacement.


Average cost of A Cruise Control Switch Replacement for popular vehicle models in Wyoming:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Cruise Control Switch Replacement

What is a cruise control switch and how does it work?

Cruise control is a feature of the engine management system in most modern vehicles that allows a vehicle to maintain a specific speed designated by the driver without continued input to the accelerator pedal. Once the vehicle reaches a desired speed on the road, the driver engages the cruise control system by way of the cruise control switch, and the vehicle continues at that speed until the system is disengaged, or the driver steps on the brake pedal.

Cruise control systems have taken many forms since the early days of the automobile. In modern times, these systems have evolved from those relying on vacuum devices to electronically controlled units. The latest systems react to input from special sensors that can detect the distance to the vehicle ahead and adjust the speed accordingly.

The cruise control switch is actually a combination of switches that not only engage and disengage the cruise control system, but allow the speed setting to increase and decrease. In some vehicles, the switch assembly is mounted on a lever attached to the steering column near the steering wheel, whereas in other vehicles it is integrated into the steering wheel itself.


How do I know if the cruise control switch in my vehicle needs to be replaced?

One sign that a cruise control switch might be bad is if the cruise control system does not engage. Actually, since there are several functions of the system that the switch (or switch assembly) controls - on/off, set/accelerate, resume, coast, and cancel - if any of these functions does not work, the switch could be at fault. On late model vehicles that rely on a cruise control relay and operate electronically, the most common indication that the switch is bad is a diagnostic code stored in the vehicle’s computer. The code can be accessed by a technician using a diagnostic scan tool.

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How does a technician perform A Cruise Control Switch Replacement ?

The procedure to replace a cruise control switch differs from one vehicle to the next, depending on the location of the switch (i.e. steering column mounted vs. steering wheel mounted) and the variations between vehicles when it comes to accessing the switch or wiring. Since the switch is usually located near the driver controls on or near the steering wheel, general steps a technician might take include the following:

  • Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery, taking care to preserve the computer memory
  • Remove the plastic steering column covers below the steering wheel
  • Unbolt, unplug, and remove the airbag module from the steering wheel (on some models)
  • Unfasten and unplug the cruise control switch from the wiring harness
  • Remove the switch assembly and replace it with a new unit
  • Reconnect and fasten the new switch in place
  • Plug in and remount the airbag module
  • Reinstall the steering column covers
  • Reconnect the battery
  • Clear any diagnostic trouble codes and reset the SRS system if necessary
  • Test drive the vehicle to verify the repair


Where is the cruise control switch located?
The cruise control switch is located somewhere on the steering column, either on an arm connected directly to the column or as part of the electronic driver controls on the steering wheel. Some manufacturers locate the cruise control system on/off switch elsewhere, such as on the dashboard, but the rest of the cruise control functions on the column or steering wheel. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for the specific location of your cruise control switch.
Why is my cruise control button not working?
There are a number of reasons your cruise control switch might not be functioning. Besides the possibility of a bad switch, a blown fuse could also be the culprit. If you are driving below a certain speed (usually 25-30 miles per hour) the cruise control system might not engage. Other faulty components could also be at fault. For example, a bad speed sensor, failed brake pedal position sensor, or mechanical component can each affect cruise control operation.
Is there a fuse that controls the cruise control?
Vehicles that feature electronic cruise control will certainly have an associated fuse that protects the cruise control circuit. If the fuse is blown, the system will not operate. One thing to consider if a fuse blows is the reason that it failed. An electrical short or failed component could be the real problem.

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