The national cost for a disc brake caliper replacement in 2022 is between $72 and $460 with an average of $239

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National average cost of a Brake Caliper Replacement
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What is a brake caliper and how does it work?

A brake caliper is a major component of a disc brake system in a vehicle. Attached to each wheel is a thick, heavy metal disc called a brake rotor (the “disc” in disc brakes) that spins along with the wheel when your vehicle is moving. Sandwiched around the rotor is a pair of brake pads that have the job of grabbing hold of the rotor when you want to slow down or stop. The brake caliper acts as a hydraulic clamping device that suspends the brake pads in place and squeezes them together when you press on the brake pedal. Inside the caliper resides one or more metal pistons that move in response to hydraulic pressure. When you step on the brake pedal, the master cylinder (pump) exerts pressure on the hydraulic brake fluid inside a network of tubes that lead to the calipers. The fluid, in turn, exerts pressure on the caliper piston(s), which squeezes together the brake pads against the rotor.

Signs that a brake caliper needs to be replaced

Unlike brake pads that are designed to be sacrificial and to wear out over time, or even brake rotors that eventually wear down and need replacement, brake calipers are made to last the lifetime of your vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not. Brake calipers fail for a number of reasons

lack of proper maintenance, corrosion, faulty seals, and more. Sometimes only one caliper goes bad; other times, the caliper on both sides of a vehicle go bad at the same time. The best time to detect a caliper that has problems is during a brake system inspection or brake pad replacement as part of routine maintenance. When a caliper does begin to fail, or fails completely, it will display one or more of the following symptoms


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How is this service performed

How is a Brake Caliper Replacement done?

While brake caliper replacement can be a bit different depending on the make and model of your vehicle, or whether the caliper is mounted on the front or rear end, there are some general steps that a technician will take when performing the procedure. It should be noted that, on some vehicles, corrosion can play a significant role in the disassembly process and make it necessary to replace more components than only the caliper. With the vehicle safely lifted and supported in the air and the wheels and tires removed, a mechanic will do the following

  • Remove the caliper slide pins/bolts to bisect the caliper and caliper bracket
  • Disconnect the hydraulic brake hose from the caliper
  • Dislodge the brake pads from the caliper bracket (assuming that the pads or bracket need to be replaced also)
  • Unbolt and remove the caliper bracket (if being replaced along with the caliper)
  • Install the new caliper bracket (if needed)
  • Install new brake clips into the bracket and insert new brake pads
  • Lubricate all contact points
  • Connect the brake hose to the new caliper with new hardware
  • Lubricate the new caliper slide pins
  • Position the caliper around the brake pads and insert the slide pins/bolts
  • Add fresh brake fluid to the master cylinder reservoir and bleed the air out of the system
  • Once installation is complete, test drive the vehicle to bed in the brake pads and verify the repair


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