An Engine Air Filter Replacement cost in Rocky Mount in 2024

The average cost for an engine air filter replacement with CarAdvise is $29 and the range is generally between $19 and $51.

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An Engine Air Filter Replacement costs by shop in Rocky Mount.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $6 on An Engine Air Filter Replacement.


Average cost of An Engine Air Filter Replacement for popular vehicle models in Rocky Mount:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF An Engine Air Filter Replacement

What is an engine air filter and how does it work?

Your engine has four basic needs - air, fuel, compression, and a spark. The engine air filter is responsible for preventing dirt and debris from entering the engine through the air intake.

During the combustion process, each cylinder in your engine breathes in air on the intake stroke by way of vacuum. Fuel is added to the air in a precise measurement. The pistons compress the air/fuel mixture, and a spark ignites the compressed gases. Your engine goes through this combustion cycle thousands of times every minute that it is running. If dirt is able to get inside the cylinders, damage to internal engine parts - the valves, pistons, and cylinder walls, to name a few - can cause significant engine problems. Therefore, an air filter is added to the passageway through which the air travels to the engine. Over time, the air filter becomes clogged and needs to be replaced as part of routine vehicle maintenance.


How can I tell if my engine air filter needs to be replaced?

Engine air filter replacement is included as part of routine vehicle maintenance. It needs to be changed every so often as it collects dirt and debris. The first sign that an air filter needs to be replaced is the length of time or mileage since the last time you installed a new air filter. It may also need to be replaced if, upon inspection, you can no longer see through the filter when you hold it up to a bright light. However, some extended-mileage filters are too dense for the light test. In that case, the mileage interval is the best indicator. If you fail to replace your filter and it becomes severely clogged, your engine will have a tough time breathing. In that case, you might notice the following symptoms:

Decreased fuel efficiency

Rough running engine

Loss of engine power

Black smoke from the exhaust

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How does a technician perform An Engine Air Filter Replacement ?

To replace an engine air filter on most vehicles, a relatively quick and simple service, a technician will first open your hood with the engine off. The next step is to locate the air filter housing and release the clamps that secure the housing lid in place. The old filter is removed, the housing is cleaned of any loose debris, and a new filter is inserted. Once the technician reinstalls and secures the lid, the job is complete. It should be noted that the air filter must be matched specifically to your engine.


Is an engine air filter change necessary?
Yes. It is important that you change your engine air filter periodically, just as you might with a home furnace filter or water filter. Over time, as the air filter captures dirt and debris, it will become clogged. At that point, your engine will not be able to get enough air to function properly. There was a day when it was recommended that you change your air filter as often as possible. That was back when most engines still used carburetors. Today, modern engines (and filters) are capable of longer intervals between air filter changes. Still, it is necessary that you inspect the filter regularly and change it as needed.
Can I change the engine air filter myself?
Air filter replacement is not a particularly difficult job on most vehicles. It can often be done without the use of tools, although a screwdriver or other pry tool might be needed. It can be a bit tricky to remove and reinstall the filter housing lid, but this particular maintenance operation is meant for the average auto owner, just like checking your tire pressure or the engine oil level. Of course, not everyone cares to perform their own vehicle maintenance. For those motorists, a technician can take care of the job.
How long does it take to change an engine air filter?
It only takes five to ten minutes to replace the air filter on most vehicles. Some take longer if the filter is in a particularly difficult position or other components need to be removed for access. Of course, that does not include the time it takes to go out and buy the correct filter for your car. When you schedule a maintenance service with a qualified technician, the parts and materials needed for the job will be in stock already or pre-ordered.

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