An Engine Flush cost in Palm Bay in 2024

The average cost for an engine flush with CarAdvise is $38 and the range is generally between $25 and $63.

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An Engine Flush costs by shop in Palm Bay.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $8 on An Engine Flush.


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What is an engine flush and how does it work?

An engine flush is a service aimed at removing deposits and sludge from the lubrication system inside an engine. Over time, engine oil tends to break down. When it does, it loses viscosity, it gets thinner and no longer lubricates as it should. At the same time, contaminants that enter the oil from the combustion process, wear to engine components, and outside sources (not to mention from the oil itself if it is not a quality product) can build up in the oil and cause sludge. These contaminants can also coat the components inside an engine.

In order to remove engine deposits, a repair shop might recommend an engine flush as part of an oil change procedure.


How do I know if my vehicle needs an engine flush?

Engine oil must be replaced regularly. Most engines require that the oil be changed every 5K to 8K miles or so, depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for the specific make and model. That interval might be longer for certain engines that run with synthetic oil, but it might be shorter if you tend to drive in what are considered to be “special” or “severe” driving conditions.

If you have neglected regular oil changes, the likelihood of sludge and engine deposits forming is higher than it would be in an engine that sees frequent maintenance. If you know that you have skipped or delayed oil changes, if the oil appears dirty or contains metal shavings on the dipstick, or if the oil appears as a thick sludge on the inside of the oil fill cap, it might be time to consider an engine flush.

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How does a technician perform An Engine Flush ?

An engine flush is similar to a coolant flush or transmission flush in that it aims to clear out debris and deposits. But unlike those other services that often include a special machine that does much of the work by forcing fluid throughout the system, an engine flush only requires that a special chemical be added to the oil and run through the engine. This additive helps to dissolve the buildup and sludge so that it can drain out during a subsequent oil change.

To perform an engine flush, a technician will pour the oil additive into your engine and allow the engine to idle for ten or fifteen minutes. In this time, the additive will mix with the oil, circulate throughout the engine, and dissolve the deposits. Then the oil is drained from the engine, collected for disposal or recycling, and replaced with fresh oil.

The cost of the additive itself will vary depending on the particular product used, but it is generally low. The cost of an engine flush service includes an engine oil and filter change, since they are performed at the same time.

Other Questions Customers Ask

Are engine flushes necessary?
There is debate in the auto repair industry as to the need for engine flushes. Many suggest that a modern engine that is properly maintained, including oil changes at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals with quality engine oil products, does not need to be flushed. That is because quality engine oil products, like synthetic oils, include advanced detergents aimed at keeping the inside of an engine clean.Others recommend the procedure to prevent buildup inside the engine, especially when conventional oils are used. In any case, an engine flush is not necessary with every oil change but should be considered periodically.
How long does an engine flush take?
An engine flush takes ten to fifteen minutes longer than an oil and filter change, since it is done in tandem with that service. Time must be allotted to allow your engine to run with the engine flush additive inside so it can dissolve any harmful sludge or deposits. An oil change can take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes or so. Therefore, an engine flush can be done inside an hour in most cases.
Is an engine flush good for an engine?
An engine flush can be helpful to remove or prevent the buildup of harmful deposits or sludge inside an engine. While some argue that an engine flush is not necessary with most modern engines, that is not always the case when the engine has not seen regular maintenance. Skipping or delaying oil changes can cause the oil to break down, leading to sludge and buildup. Care should be exercised when considering the service for older engines with high mileage, though. In those cases, engine seals that might have developed leaks in the past might be “sealed” with old oil deposits. An engine flush could remove those old deposits and cause the engine to leak.

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