An Engine Mount Replacement cost in West Valley City in 2024

The average cost for an engine mount replacement with CarAdvise is $241 and the range is generally between $21 and $800.

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AVERAGE COST IN West Valley City

An Engine Mount Replacement costs by shop in West Valley City.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $48 on An Engine Mount Replacement.


Average cost of An Engine Mount Replacement for popular vehicle models in West Valley City:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF An Engine Mount Replacement

What is an engine mount and how does it work?

An engine mount, sometimes referred to as a “motor mount”, is a device used to hold your engine securely in place no matter what the driving conditions might be. Although it is common for a vehicle to have two to three engine mounts, it can have as many as four or five in various positions. It all depends the engine size and position in the engine compartment.

Made of metal (typically steel or aluminum) and rubber, engine mounts not only hold your engine fast to the body and/or frame, they also absorb vibrations caused by your engine and by bumps in the road. This dampening effect helps to ensure that you and your passengers enjoy a smoother ride. It also keeps the engine from shaking parts loose from your vehicle. Some engine mounts are filled by the manufacturer with a liquid to assist in vibration dampening.


How do I know if my vehicle needs an engine mount replaced?

You can usually feel when an engine mount fails. Especially if it breaks completely. Signs that one or more of your engine mounts have gone bad include the following:

A clunking noise heard from the engine bay, especially when you initially press or release the accelerator

Damage to the outside of the engine or to engine accessories due to components coming into unintentional contact with one another

The engine rises or jumps in the engine bay if you open the hood, press on the brake pedal, put your car into gear, and rev the engine

The transmission does not shift properly or slips out of gear

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How does a technician perform An Engine Mount Replacement ?

To replace an engine mount, a technician will typically need to place your vehicle on a lift to raise and support it off of the ground for access. A special brace or engine hoist will be needed in order to relieve the weight of the engine from the mount for removal and suspend the engine when the mount is removed.

From there, the technician will unbolt the mount from the engine and from the vehicle frame or subframe (engine cradle). The mount is dislodged and pulled from the vehicle and a new mount is inserted. Once the fasteners have been reinstalled and torqued, the engine is lowered. So is the vehicle.

Other Questions Customers Ask

Is it worth replacing engine mounts?
Engine mounts that are failing but are not replaced can cause major problems with your vehicle. Difficulty shifting your transmission into gear, drivetrain misalignment, wiring issues, and damage to the components attached to the engine are all possible when an engine mount goes bad. Engine mounts must be replaced if they are failing in order to maintain the integrity of other vehicle systems.
Is replacing engine mounts a big job?
The actual removal and installation of an engine mount is not a particularly difficult operation in most cases. That said, the steps needed in order to access a bad engine mount are significant. Those include safely lifting and supporting the vehicle off of the ground, lifting and supporting the engine and transmission, and getting around other related components.
How many engine mounts are there in a car?
Vehicles may have as few as two engine mounts. On the other hand, they can have as many as five on some makes and models. It all depends on factors such as the configuration of the engine and transmission, whether the vehicle is front- or rear-wheel drive, and the engineering design of the manufacturer.

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