A Fog Light Bulb Replacement cost in Ormond Beach in 2024

The average cost for a fog lamp bulb replacement with CarAdvise is $36 and the range is generally between $17 and $96.

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A Fog Light Bulb Replacement costs by shop in Ormond Beach.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $7 on A Fog Light Bulb Replacement.


Average cost of A Fog Light Bulb Replacement for popular vehicle models in Ormond Beach:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Fog Light Bulb Replacement

What is a fog light and how does it work?

A fog light (or “fog lamp”) is a light housed at the front of a vehicle near the ground with the intention of providing visibility in foggy conditions. Modern vehicles feature a pair of fog lights.

The light from your headlights tends to reflect off of moisture in the air. Although a clean set of headlight lenses and bright bulbs will allow you to see for a good distance, in the fog they can actually decrease visibility. Fog lights, on the other hand, have a wider beam and are aimed toward the ground where they shine beneath the fog rather than straight into it. This lessens the reflected light and affords a higher level of visibility.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a new fog light bulb?

Due to their proximity to the ground and susceptibility to debris from the road, fog light assemblies tend to become damaged, in some cases, more than other vehicle lights. That said, if one of your fog lamps is not working, the likely problem is a burned out fog light bulb. You might notice that the light is inoperative by simply walking near the front of your vehicle. You might also notice that the lighting at night does not appear to be evenly cast in front of the vehicle, indicating that a light has failed. Some vehicles might include a dashboard warning light to signal when a bulb is bad.

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How does a technician perform A Fog Light Bulb Replacement ?

To replace a fog light bulb, a technician will need to gain access to the back of the fog light assembly mounted (in most cases) in the lower part of the front bumper of your vehicle. This might be done from the front of the bumper. But, in most cases, the technician will need to remove a fender shield or lower bumper shield to get at the assembly.

From there, the wiring connector must be unplugged from the bulb, and the bulb retainer must be removed from the assembly. Once the old fog light bulb has been extracted, the new bulb is inserted into place, the retainer applied, and the harness plugged back in. The shields are reinstalled and the light is aimed and tested.

It should be noted that the technician must avoid touching the new fog light bulb with bare hands. Otherwise, the life of the bulb might be significantly shortened.

Other Questions Customers Ask

Why are fog lights optional?
Fog lights are not as bright as headlights and are not aimed very far ahead of the vehicle. Therefore, fog lights do not provide the same visibility that headlights do. Instead, fog lights have a wider beam and are aimed toward the ground so that they can shine underneath the fog rather than straight into it. This reduces reflected light that decreases visibility in the fog. But, because fog lights do not seem to find much use and are not always needed for low-visibility driving, they are not required on a vehicle.
Do fog lights help at night?
Although certainly no replacement for headlights at night, fog lights can offer supplemental lighting for improved visibility in the dark. Some drivers find them to be an added benefit, while others do not find them particularly useful for night driving.
Do fog lights drain the battery?
None of the lights on a vehicle should impose a drain on the battery if the engine is running. That is because the alternator is in charge of generating enough electricity to power all of the vehicle systems. If, however, the engine is not running and the fog lights are engaged when the ignition is switched on, the battery can become depleted.

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