A Fuel Injector Cleaning cost in Hickory in 2024

The average cost for a fuel injector cleaning with CarAdvise is $89 and the range is generally between $53 and $123.

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A Fuel Injector Cleaning costs by shop in Hickory.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $18 on A Fuel Injector Cleaning.


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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Fuel Injector Cleaning

What is a fuel injector cleaning?

Fuel injector cleaning is a service recommended to remove carbon deposits and debris that build up on the fuel injectors in your engine.

Fuel injectors are valves that allow a precise amount of fuel to be sprayed into each of the cylinders in an engine. That fuel, drawn from the tank and pressurized by the fuel pump, makes its way to the fuel injectors that are inserted into the top of the combustion chamber. The injectors respond to signals from the Engine Control Unit (ECU), the computer that controls engine function, to open and close at the right time. There is typically one fuel injector per cylinder.

Injectors can become partially plugged due to a variety of factors including age, dirty fuel, and the combustion process. A thorough fuel injection cleaning can help to remove these deposits on the injectors and restore their proper function.

There are a few different procedures that are often lumped together under the phrase“fuel injector cleaning”. These include anything from pouring a chemical into your gas tank that is purported to clean your injectors to connecting a high-pressure machine to the fuel rails connected to the injectors and flushing them out. The ultrasonic injector cleaning method is considered to be the most effective method of restoring injectors.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a fuel injector cleaning?

Your engine has four basic needs in order to run - fuel, air, compression, and a source of ignition. If the first component, the fuel, is not able to get into the combustion chamber adequately, your engine will run poorly or not at all. The fuel injector is the gatekeeper that allows fuel to enter the engine. When it is not doing its job the way it should, you might notice one or more of the following signs:

Your engine idles roughly or misfires

The throttle hesitates

Lack of engine power

Sharp reduction in fuel economy

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How does a technician perform A Fuel Injector Cleaning ?

In order to perform a fuel injector cleaning service using an ultrasonic method, a mechanic will need to remove the injectors from the engine. This often requires depressurizing the fuel system first. Once the injectors are removed from the engine, the procedure may differ by technician as well as by vehicle make and model. Further steps may include:

  • Performing a fuel spray pattern and volume test
  • Placing the injectors inside an ultrasonic cleaning bath
  • Pressurizing each injector and forcing a detergent solution through to loosen and clean deposits
  • Replacing the filter basket on each injector
  • Reinstalling the injectors and reassembling any fuel system components that were disconnected for access

Other Questions Customers Ask

Does fuel injector cleaner work?
The type of fuel injector cleaner commonly sold at auto parts stores and poured into the fuel tank are met with mixed reviews. They are meant to clean out deposits from your fuel system, but they provide no means of directly and adequately cleaning out your fuel injectors. Carbon deposits and debris on the injectors require a cleaning method that is far more intense. This is often done with the injectors removed from the engine by a qualified technician.
How long does it take to clean fuel injectors?
“Cleaning” fuel injectors by adding a chemical to the fuel tank and running your engine takes very little time. A proper fuel injector cleaning, on the other hand, takes significantly longer - as it should. To adequately clean your fuel injectors, a technician needs to remove them from your engine and place them in an ultrasonic bath where the carbon deposits and other debris can be thoroughly removed.
Can you drive with dirty fuel injectors?
Driving with dirty fuel injectors might not cause immediate damage to your engine, but over time problems can compound. When the injectors are dirty from carbon buildup, they decrease engine performance. That leads to driveability issues, like a hesitation throttle, rough idling, and engine misfire. Additional buildup can also occur on internal engine components and lead eventually to scored cylinder walls and burnt valves. At the very least, dirty fuel injectors will cause a drop in fuel efficiency that costs you at the pump.

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