A Fuel Injector Service cost in National City in 2024

The average cost for a fuel injector service with CarAdvise is $62 and the range is generally between $21 and $139.

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A Fuel Injector Service costs by shop in National City.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $12 on A Fuel Injector Service.


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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Fuel Injector Service

What is a fuel injector service?

Fuel injector service is a set of procedures aimed at correcting or maintaining the components that control the fuel that enters your engine. Fuel reaches the engine from the tank by way of pressure from the fuel pump. The fuel injectors respond to electrical impulses from the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to open and close, spraying fuel into each of the cylinders in just the right amount and at just the right time.

There is typically one fuel injector for each cylinder, mounted just inside the top of the combustion chamber. Over time, those fuel injectors can become clogged with carbon from the combustion process and debris from dirty fuel. During a fuel injector service, not only are the injectors cleaned, but other related concerns and components are addressed at the same time in order to restore proper fuel system function and improve engine power and efficiency.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a fuel injector service?

You might suspect that your fuel injectors need to be serviced when you notice that your engine is not getting its basic needs met. In order for your engine to function, it needs four things - fuel, air, compression, and a spark. When the fuel injectors deprive your engine of its first basic need - fuel - you will often notice one or more of the following:

Your engine idles roughly or misfires

The throttle hesitates

Lack of engine power

Sharp reduction in fuel economy

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How does a technician perform A Fuel Injector Service ?

The steps involved in a fuel injector service may well depend on your vehicle make and model, as well as the technician performing the service. Those steps may include any or all of the following:

  • Inspection for external injector leakage
  • Fuel pressure leak-down test to assess internal leakage
  • Electrical resistance testing of each injector
  • Depressurizing or disconnection of the fuel system
  • Removal of the fuel injectors and any components that are in the way of access
  • Fuel spray pattern test
  • Injector cleaning with an ultrasonic bath or other specialized device
  • Pressurizing each injector and pumping a detergent solution through it to loosen and clean deposits
  • Reinstalling the injectors and reassembling the fuel system

Other Questions Customers Ask

Is a fuel injector service necessary?
A fuel injector service is often performed because an engine is malfunctioning and signs point to one or more faulty fuel injectors. Identification and repair of a fuel injector malfunction - one that is dirty, leaking, or otherwise inoperative - helps you to maintain engine efficiency and peak performance. Otherwise, if the service is ignored or delayed, you may see your engine lose power, hesitate when you press the throttle, run roughly, and cost you more at the fuel pump.
Is it better to clean or replace fuel injectors?
As a general rule, replacing an old, high mileage part with a new one is better than simply cleaning and reinstalling the old part. However, the cost of fuel injectors on some vehicle makes and models can be extremely high. When purchasing new fuel injectors is cost-prohibitive, fuel injector service performed by a qualified technician is a worthwhile investment.
How long does a fuel injector service take?
How long a fuel injector service takes can vary depending on your vehicle make and model and the equipment and methods used by your technician. If service to the system can be done without the need to remove the fuel injectors from the engine, the procedure might be done in an hour or so. Otherwise, the service can take several hours to perform.

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