A Fuel Pump Control Module Replacement cost in Diamond Bar in 2024

The average cost for a fuel pump control unit with CarAdvise is $379 and the range is generally between $230 and $1408.

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A Fuel Pump Control Module Replacement costs by shop in Diamond Bar.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $76 on A Fuel Pump Control Module Replacement.


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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Fuel Pump Control Module Replacement

What is a fuel pump control module and how does it work?

Modern vehicles rely on a fuel pump, usually housed inside the fuel tank, to force fuel out of the tank, through tubes (fuel lines) that run along the underside of the vehicle body, and into the fuel rail on top of the engine. The fuel rail routes the fuel to each of the engine’s fuel injectors, and the injectors spray fuel into the combustion chambers.

Over the years, engineers discovered that allowing the fuel pump to run continuously and at full output caused unnecessary heating of the fuel and increased emissions. It also reduced the service life of the fuel pump. Therefore, vehicles are now equipped with a fuel pump control module, a small computer that alters the output of the fuel pump based on the changing requirements of the engine across a range of conditions.

The fuel pump control module varies the amount of electricity that is supplied to the fuel pump. That way, when the engine requires less fuel (such as when it is idling or driving at low speeds), the module will decrease the voltage to the pump, causing it to slow down and produce less fuel pressure. When the vehicle speeds up, climbs a hill, or any other condition that requires more fuel, the control module raises the voltage to the fuel pump and increases its output to compensate.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a new fuel pump control module?

The signs of a bad fuel pump control module mirror those of several different engine conditions. Therefore, it is essential to get a thorough and accurate diagnosis of the fuel system before assuming the trouble lies with the control module. That said, your vehicle might need a new fuel pump control module if you notice that any of the following are occurring:

Your engine is difficult to start or will not start at all

The engine stalls unexpectedly

Your engine hesitates upon acceleration or displays other signs of running “lean” with too little fuel

The vehicle fails an emissions test

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How does a technician perform A Fuel Pump Control Module Replacement ?

The fuel pump control module is an important component in controlling the fuel pressure to your engine. Therefore, if it goes bad, your engine will not run properly. The module can be located in any of a number of places, depending on your specific vehicle make and model. For instance, it could be on, in, or near the fuel tank. It could be mounted inside the passenger compartment or underneath the vehicle body. It could also be mounted in the trunk or rear compartment of your vehicle. To replace a fuel pump control module, a technician will need to first locate the module and then take the following general steps:

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal to cut power to the vehicle
  • Remove any shields, guards, covers, or ducts to gain access to the fuel pump control module
  • Disconnect any wiring leading to the fuel pump control module
  • Remove and replace the module
  • Reconnect any wiring previously disconnected
  • Re install any shields, guards, covers, or ducts that were removed
  • Reconnect the battery terminal
  • Connect a dealer-level diagnostic tool to program the new fuel pump control module
  • Verify the repair by test driving the vehicle as well as monitoring fuel pressure on the diagnostic tool live data

Other Questions Customers Ask

Can you drive with a bad fuel pump control module?
Driving with a bad fuel pump control module is not recommended. A faulty module could lead to anything from minor issues (such as reduced fuel economy) or major problems (such as stalling in traffic or failing to start). If the fuel pump control module fails to do its job, the fuel pump will not run and therefore will not deliver fuel to the engine, causing the vehicle to stall.
Will a bad fuel pump control module throw a code?
Yes, typically a bad fuel pump control module will cause the check engine light to illuminate and a trouble code to display if a diagnostic tool is connected to the vehicle. If the fuel pump control module has failed completely or the wiring for the module was damaged, a trouble code may display relating to loss of connection between the PCM and the fuel pump control module.
What causes a fuel pump control module to go out?
Because many fuel pump control modules are mounted underneath the vehicle and exposed to the elements, the module may fail due to a variety of reasons such as corrosion, physical damage from road debris, extreme temperatures, wiring issues, or simply old age.

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