A Fuel Pump Relay Replacement cost in Binghamton in 2024

The average cost for a fuel pump relay replacement with CarAdvise is $108 and the range is generally between $22 and $592.

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A Fuel Pump Relay Replacement costs by shop in Binghamton.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $22 on A Fuel Pump Relay Replacement.


Average cost of A Fuel Pump Relay Replacement for popular vehicle models in Binghamton:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Fuel Pump Relay Replacement

What is a fuel pump relay and how does it work?

The fuel pump relay is a type of switch that turns power on and off to your vehicle’s fuel pump. The pump itself needs a significant amount of power to operate, so, like many other electrical components, it is connected to the 12 volt electrical system. But the signal from the engine control module (ECU, the computer that controls engine function) is a low-voltage electrical signal, far too low to switch the higher-voltage pump. Therefore, a relay is used instead.

The ECU sends a low-voltage signal to the fuel pump relay which, in turn, switches on the high-voltage circuit for the fuel pump. This arrangement allows for sufficient power to operate the pump without damaging sensitive electronic equipment. The fuel pump relay turns on when you turn the key in the ignition and continues to allow power to the fuel pump whenever the engine is running. Internally, the relay is made up of an electromagnet that is energized by the ECU signal and that pulls a high-voltage contact closed to power up the fuel pump.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a fuel pump relay replaced?

If the fuel pump relay fails, you will notice a few common problems with your engine. Without power to the fuel pump, no fuel can reach the engine, so it will either be very difficult to start, or, more likely, it will fail to start altogether. If the engine is running when the relay goes bad, it will stall. A bad fuel pump relay can sometimes be implicated if your vehicle fails a fuel pressure test. And in rare cases, your fuel pump might still be heard running even though your ignition has been switched off.

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How does a technician perform A Fuel Pump Relay Replacement ?

Fuel pump relay replacement can vary to some degree based on the vehicle make and model, but the process generally involves the following:

  • Locate the fuse/relay panel that contains the fuel pump relay
  • Remove any guards or covers necessary to allow access to the relay panel
  • Open the splash-proof lid on the panel (if the panel is located inside the engine bay)
  • Locate the location of the relay inside the panel and remove the relay
  • Insert a new relay (specific to your vehicle) and return all components to their original condition
  • In many cases, before replacing a fuel pump relay, a technician will remove the old relay and perform a bench test on it to determine whether or not the relay is bad and the cause of fuel system problems before replacing it with a new one.

Other Questions Customers Ask

How do I know if it’s the fuel pump or the relay?
Since the symptoms related to a bad fuel pump and a bad relay are similar, the best way to determine which is the culprit is to have a technician perform a series of pinpoint electrical diagnostic tests. These tests can be simple, or they can be complex, depending on how your vehicle’s electrical system is laid out. A failing fuel pump can cause your engine to run “lean”, meaning the cylinders have too high an air-to-fuel ratio that can be damaging. Therefore, diagnostic procedures related to fuel pump operation should be performed by a qualified technician.
What happens when the fuel pump relay goes out?
Most fuel pump relays fail in the “open” position. That means the high-voltage electrical circuit that powers the fuel pump is disconnected. No power flows through the relay to enable the fuel pump. When this happens, your fuel pump loses power and pressure to the fuel injectors falls. Injectors with low or no fuel pressure starve your engine of the fuel it needs to run, therefore your engine will stall or fail to start until the relay is replaced.
Where is the fuel pump relay located?
The location of the fuel pump relay depends on your vehicle make and model. There are two common locations. One is in a fuse/relay panel inside the passenger compartment underneath the dashboard or behind a kick panel. The other is in a fuse/relay box inside the engine compartment. Occasionally, a manufacturer will place the relay inside the trunk.

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