The national cost for a fuel tank pressure sensor replacement with CarAdvise in 2024 is between $177 and $1682 with an average of $420.

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What is a fuel tank pressure sensor and how does it work?

A fuel tank pressure sensor is a component of the evaporative (EVAP) emissions control system. The sensor detects the amount of pressure created by the air and fuel vapors inside the fuel tank. Data from the fuel tank pressure sensor is sent to the engine control module (ECM, the computer that monitors and controls engine function) where it monitors the performance of the EVAP system and detects if there is a leak present.

The fuel tank pressure sensor is sometimes confused with another device, the fuel pressure sensor. The two, however, are not the same component. The former is part of the fuel pump assembly inside the fuel tank, whereas the latter is mounted to the fuel rail on the engine that supplies fuel to the injectors and is responsible for monitoring the fuel pressure on its way to the injectors.


How is a a Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Replacement done?

Fuel tank pressure sensor replacement can be a fairly involved repair, since the component is typically located inside the fuel tank and must be accessed from the top of the tank.

To replace the sensor, a technician will likely take the following general steps (depending on your specific vehicle make and model):

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal to cut power to the vehicle
  • Safely lift and support your vehicle on a lift
  • Disconnect any wiring leading to the fuel pump and fuel tank
  • Disconnect any fuel or evaporative emissions lines or hoses leading to the fuel tank
  • Support the fuel tank with a special jack, then remove any fasteners holding the fuel tank onto the vehicle and lower the tank away from the vehicle
  • Remove and replace the fuel tank pressure sensor on the fuel pump assembly
  • Raise the tank back into position and tighten the mounting fasteners
  • Reconnect any wiring, hoses, and lines previously disconnected
  • Lower the vehicle to the ground and reconnect the battery terminal
  • Verify the repair by test driving the vehicle as well as monitoring fuel tank pressure on a diagnostic tool live data
  • Some technicians may also choose to run an evaporative emissions function test to verify the repair

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How do I know if my vehicle needs a fuel tank pressure sensor replacement?

The fuel tank pressure sensor continuously reads the vapor pressure inside your fuel tank. It is an important component that tests the EVAP system for leaks. The ECM is looking for pressure in a certain range, and if the sensor reports that pressures are either too high or too low, the computer will respond by turning on the check engine light. Your vehicle might also fail an emissions test if the fuel tank pressure sensor is not working properly. Some vehicles also have an emissions system fault light on the dashboard that might come on. And if a technician performs a diagnostic scan of the vehicle, a trouble code relating to fuel tank pressure and the sensor (such as P0452, P0453, or P0454) will signal that the sensor is a likely culprit.

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Other questions customers ask

Where is a fuel tank pressure sensor located?
The fuel tank pressure sensor is usually located on top of the fuel tank, near the gas tank sending unit or fuel pump assembly. Replacement of the sensor typically requires that the fuel tank be removed from the vehicle, or at least lowered enough to create enough clearance to access the component.
Can a bad fuel tank pressure sensor cause lack of power?
A bad fuel tank pressure sensor can cause the evaporative emissions system to malfunction. While the result will not necessarily include a loss of vehicle power, it can decrease fuel efficiency.
Can I drive with a failed fuel tank pressure sensor?
Yes. For the most part, a vehicle will run and drive with a bad fuel tank pressure sensor. However, the vehicle will likely fail an emissions test. The check engine light is also likely to come on and will not reset until the repair is completed.

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