A Hydroboost Brake Booster Replacement cost in Elyria in 2024

The average cost for a hydraulic brake booster with CarAdvise is $587 and the range is generally between $277 and $1147.

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A Hydroboost Brake Booster Replacement costs by shop in Elyria.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $117 on A Hydroboost Brake Booster Replacement.


Average cost of A Hydroboost Brake Booster Replacement for popular vehicle models in Elyria:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Hydroboost Brake Booster Replacement

What is a hydroboost brake booster and how does it work?

A hydroboost brake booster is a power brake assist component on certain types of vehicles.

To bring your vehicle to a stop, the braking system requires an immense amount of pressure, sometimes up to two thousand pounds per square inch of pressure. Generating such high pressure with the brake pedal and hydraulics alone without any power assistance can be extremely difficult. Therefore, years ago, vehicle manufacturers incorporated a device to lend power assist to the braking system to make it easier to press the brake pedal.

This device, called a power brake booster, is mounted between the brake pedal and the master cylinder (hydraulic pump) that exerts force on the brake fluid to activate the brakes. The brake booster multiplies the force exerted by your foot on the brake pedal.

There are different forms of power brake booster, depending on where they obtain the power assist. Most vehicles rely on engine vacuum from the intake manifold for this purpose. Some vehicles, however, such as those with diesel engines or turbocharged engines, do not produce enough vacuum to adequately power up the brake booster. A hydroboost brake booster relies, instead, on pressure from the power steering system. As pressurized power steering fluid runs through the hydroboost system, it drives an internal piston that creates the power necessary to assist the driver with braking.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a hydroboost brake booster replacement?

If your vehicle features a hydroboost brake booster, you might suspect that the component needs to be replaced if you notice one or more of the following:

Your brake pedal is unusually difficult to press

The vehicle does not stop or takes longer than normal to stop

The power steering fluid level is low

Power steering fluid is leaking from the hydroboost brake booster

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How does a technician perform A Hydroboost Brake Booster Replacement ?

To replace a hydroboost brake booster, a technician will likely take the following general steps:

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal to cut power to the vehicle
  • Remove the brake master cylinder mounting nuts and slide the master cylinder forward
  • Remove the hydroboost fluid lines
  • Remove the hydroboost brake booster mounting nuts and remove the unit
  • Install the new hydroboost brake booster and tighten mounting nuts
  • Reinstall the hydroboost fluid lines
  • Reinstall the master cylinder
  • Adjust brake pedal pushrod length inside vehicle to achieve proper brake pedal travel
  • Start vehicle and cycle brake pedal multiple times to bleed air from new hydroboost brake booster
  • Refill power steering fluid
  • Verify repair by test driving vehicle


Will a bad hydroboost brake booster affect power steering?
Whether or not a bad hydroboost brake booster will affect power steering depends on the type of failure present. For example, if the hydroboost unit simply has a stuck internal valve, it would likely not affect steering performance. If, however, the brake booster had an internal failure, metallic particles might circulate through the power steering system and slowly tear apart the inside of the system, leading to steering problems.
How do I know if my power steering pump or my hydroboost brake booster is bad?
If your power steering still seems to work well and the vehicle steers normally, suspect the hydroboost brake booster unit. If the steering is degraded as well as is braking, suspect the power steering pump or reservoir.
Is the hydroboost brake booster usually repaired or replaced?
If it fails, the hydroboost brake booster is typically a “replacement only” item. This component is not repairable at a typical automotive service shop.

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