An Ignition Coil Boot Replacement cost in Arlington in 2024

The average cost for an ignition coil boot with CarAdvise is $71 and the range is generally between $35 and $156.

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An Ignition Coil Boot Replacement costs by shop in Arlington.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $14 on An Ignition Coil Boot Replacement.


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THE IMPORTANCE OF An Ignition Coil Boot Replacement

What is an ignition coil boot and how does it work?

An ignition coil boot is an extension of the ignition coil on certain types of modern engine. The boot connects an individual “coil on plug” device to its corresponding spark plug.

All gasoline powered vehicles rely on spark plugs to ignite the compressed air and fuel inside the combustion chambers. The spark plugs receive a high voltage electrical current from a device known as an ignition coil. The coil converts the low current from a vehicle’s electrical system into a more powerful current needed to create the “spark” (actually, it is an electrical arc) that causes the combustion event.

Many vehicles, especially older ones, relied on one or more ignition coils on the engine that were connected to the spark plugs by way of spark plug wires. Newer engines, however, feature “coil on plug” technology, where one ignition coil dedicated to each cylinder is placed directly on the end of the spark plug.

But on some of those engines, the spark plug is located deep inside a narrow depression or well in the engine. The ignition coil boot fastens to the end of the coil and recesses into the spark plug well, where it contacts the end of the spark plug.

An ignition coil boot is a tube typically made of rubber and plastic with a metal spring running through from one end to the other. This spring maintains constant contact with the spark plug and transfers the electricity from the coil to the plug.


How do I know if my vehicle needs new ignition coil boots?

One of the signs that an ignition coil boot needs to be replaced is the presence of carbon tracking on one or more of the spark plugs. This occurs when the electricity that is supposed to travel through the spark plug finds an easier path on the outside of the plug. The only way to see the signs of carbon tracking is to remove the ignition coil and spark plug and inspect the components. Plugs with significant carbon buildup can lead to an engine misfire. Therefore, a poorly running engine - or an inspection that reveals a build up of carbon on the spark plugs - are the main signs that the ignition coil boots need to be replaced.

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How does a technician perform An Ignition Coil Boot Replacement ?

Ignition coil boot replacement mirrors the procedure to replace spark plugs. The complexity of the service varies from one vehicle make and model to the next, depending on how easy it is to access all of the cylinders.

In general, if your vehicle features coil on plug technology, a technician will need to take the following steps to replace the ignition coil boots:

  • Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery, taking care to preserve the computer memory in the vehicle
  • Unplug the electrical wires from the ignition coils
  • Unbolt and dislodge the ignition coils from the spark plugs (this might require a special tool to remove the boot)
  • Detach the ignition coil boot from the end of the coil
  • Remove and replace the coil gasket (if so equipped)
  • Remove and replace the spark plug (if included in the service)
  • In some cases, insert dielectric grease at the contact points
  • Install the new boot to the end of each coil
  • Insert the boot and coil into the spark plug well and firmly attach to the plug
  • Fasten the coil(s) in place and reconnect the wiring
  • Reconnect the battery

Other Questions Customers Ask

Do ignition coils have boots?
Some ignition coils have boots. Engines that feature coil-on-plug technology, where an individual coil pack is attached to each spark plug and controlled by the engine control module, usually rely on a coil boot that extends from the end of the coil to the spark plug deep inside its mounting hole in the engine. Engines that use remotely-mounted coils do not have coil boots.
Do ignition coil boots need to be replaced?
Yes. Ignition coil boots are made of plastic and rubber or silicone. They wear out over time and can cause the electricity that is supposed to travel through the spark plug to find an easier path around the outside. The coil boots should be replaced as a part of routine vehicle maintenance.
Should you replace the coil boots with the spark plugs?
Most repair shops recommend that you replace the ignition coil boots whenever the spark plugs are replaced. A coil or a coil boot might need replacement sooner if there are signs of trouble. But at the least, new coil boots should be installed with new plugs.

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