An Evaporative Leak Detection Pump Replacement cost in Cedar Hill in 2023

The average cost for a leak detection pump, evaporative system with CarAdvise is $210 and the range is generally between $72 and $619.

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An Evaporative Leak Detection Pump Replacement costs by shop in Cedar Hill.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $42 on An Evaporative Leak Detection Pump Replacement.


Average cost of An Evaporative Leak Detection Pump Replacement for popular vehicle models in Cedar Hill:

Car Model

Avg. cost


THE IMPORTANCE OF An Evaporative Leak Detection Pump Replacement

What is an evaporative leak detection pump and how does it work?

An evaporative leak detection pump is part of the emission control system on your vehicle. It is concerned with evaporative (EVAP) emissions, preventing fuel vapors from escaping the fuel system. To prevent fuel evaporation, the fuel system traps and stores vapors coming from the fuel tank and routes them to the engine to be burned as part of combustion. Not only does this help to prevent fuel vapors from entering the atmosphere (something that has been shown to harm the environment and humans), but it also helps to increase fuel economy. The EVAP system also ensures that the fuel tank is properly vented so that pressure does not build up to dangerous levels.

According to federal law, EVAP systems must be able to perform periodic and automatic leak testing. If a leak is detected, the system must notify the driver. The evaporative leak detection pump is designed to apply pressure to the system in response to a command by the engine’s computer (engine control module or powertrain control module) and then measure for a drop in pressure signaling a leak. If a leak is present, the computer turns on the check engine light.


How do I know if my vehicle needs an evaporative leak detection pump replacement?

If the engine control module (by way of the leak detection pump) senses an evaporative leak in the fuel system, it will turn on the check engine light. But it will do the same if the leak detection pump fails. When a technician connects a diagnostic scan tool to read the stored trouble code(s), a failed leak detection pump might display codes such as P2401, P2407, or P2405. It is also likely that your vehicle will fail an emissions test. You might smell the odor of fuel coming from your vehicle, especially if the engine has been shut off, and you might notice a drop in fuel economy.

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How does a technician perform An Evaporative Leak Detection Pump Replacement ?

The evaporative leak detection pump is typically mounted on the evaporative canister assembly that stores captured fuel vapors before they are routed to the engine. The canister is located in a variety of places depending on the vehicle make and model, but it is frequently found near the fuel tank, in a rear wheel well, or near the trunk/cargo area of the vehicle. To replace the leak detection pump, a technician will take the following general steps:

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal to cut power to the vehicle
  • Safely raise and support the vehicle in the air
  • Remove any shields, guards, covers, or ducts to gain access to the leak detection pump
  • Unplug the wires leading to the pump
  • Disconnect the EVAP hose(s) from the canister (if necessary)
  • Remove any mounting fasteners attached to the leak detection pump
  • Remove the pump and replace with a new one
  • Reconnect any hoses and wiring previously disconnected
  • Reinstall the mounting fasteners
  • Re install any shields, guards, covers, or ducts that were removed
  • Reconnect the battery terminal
  • Verify the repair by test driving the vehicle as well as running a function test on the pump (if available on a diagnostic tool)
  • Note that on some vehicles, the charcoal EVAP canister must be fully removed from the vehicle in order to replace the leak detection pump.


What is the most common EVAP leak?
The most common evaporative emissions (EVAP) leak is due to a faulty fuel cap - or one that has not been tightened properly after refueling. A bad fuel cap gasket is also common. The fuel cap is a common cause of a check engine light.
Where is the EVAP leak detection pump located?
The evaporative (EVAP) emissions leak detection pump can be found in a number of locations depending on the vehicle make and model. Perhaps the two most common locations are the rear wheel well (covered by a plastic shield) and the area around the fuel tank underneath the vehicle.
Can you drive with a broken EVAP system?
Typically there is no immediate danger associated with a broken EVAP system. You might notice reduced performance, a drop in fuel economy, and a check engine light. The vehicle also will not pass emissions testing.

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