A Power Steering Fluid Change cost in Lawrence in 2024

The average cost for a power steering fluid exchange with CarAdvise is $99 and the range is generally between $69 and $138.

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A Power Steering Fluid Change costs by shop in Lawrence.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $20 on A Power Steering Fluid Change.


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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Power Steering Fluid Change

What is a power steering fluid change and how is it done?

Most vehicles on the road today are equipped with some form of power-assisted steering. Without power steering, the sheer weight of your car, truck, or SUV would make it very difficult to turn the steering wheel. That is especially true when your vehicle is standing still, or when you are parking.

Although the automotive industry is beginning to see many late-model vehicles that feature electric-assist power steering systems, still the majority rely on hydraulic power. The oil in these hydraulic systems, known simply as power steering fluid, is used to transfer power in order to assist the driver in turning the steering wheel with ease. It also serves to lubricate and cool the system. A power steering fluid change is a service aimed at emptying out all of the old power steering fluid and replacing it with new as part of routine vehicle maintenance.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a power steering fluid change?

The power steering fluid is often considered a routine maintenance item, like air filters and engine oil. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing the fluid periodically. When that is the case, the first sign that your car, truck, or SUV needs a power steering fluid change is the interval listed in your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Other signs of problems with your hydraulic power steering system that might indicate the need for a power steering fluid change or flush include:

A whining, growling, or loud humming noise coming from under the hood that gets louder when you turn the steering wheel

Your steering wheel is abnormally difficult to turn

The steering wheel feels shaky or jerky when turning

You notice metallic or rubber particles suspended in the power steering fluid inside the reservoir

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How does a technician perform A Power Steering Fluid Change ?

To change the power steering fluid in your vehicle, a mechanic will take the following steps:

  • Raise and support the front end of the vehicle off of the ground to allow the wheels to spin freely
  • Using a turkey baster, large syringe, or suction pump, extract all of the fluid from the power steering reservoir
  • Without starting the engine, turn the steering wheel lock-to-lock several times, forcing the old fluid from the steering system into the reservoir
  • Repeat extraction and pump actuation until system is emptied of old fluid
  • Refill the reservoir with fresh fluid
  • Start the engine and turn the steering wheel lock-to-lock several times to cycle fluid through the system and bleed out the air
  • Repeat as necessary
  • Top off the power steering fluid reservoir

Other Questions Customers Ask

Is a power steering fluid exchange necessary?
Yes, like most other fluids in a vehicle, power steering fluid does not last forever. Over time, it degrades and gets contaminated. If the fluid is not exchanged when this happens, it will result in premature wear to the power steering system components, and it may cause difficulty steering. This will eventually lead to failure of your power steering system.
Can you add new power steering fluid to old?
Yes, there is no harm in adding new power steering fluid to your old, used fluid if your power steering system is a little low and needs a top off. Just be sure to match the power steering fluid type specified by the manufacturer. And note that some vehicle manufacturers specify that you use automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in the power steering system.
Can you flush and replace power steering fluid yourself?
A power steering flush performed with the aid of a flush machine is not accessible to most people. The procedure, however, does not always necessitate the use of a machine. Yet, while the steps to manually flush the power steering system do not require a lot of tools, still your vehicle must be safely lifted and supported off of the ground, the hydraulic lines must be opened, and the system must be fully emptied, refilled, and purged of air. Otherwise, steering function can be impaired. The procedure is best left to a qualified technician.

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