A Seat Belt Pretensioner Replacement cost in Sierra Vista in 2024

The average cost for a seat belt pretensioner with CarAdvise is $225 and the range is generally between $127 and $680.

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A Seat Belt Pretensioner Replacement costs by shop in Sierra Vista.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $45 on A Seat Belt Pretensioner Replacement.


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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Seat Belt Pretensioner Replacement

What is a seat belt pretensioner and how does it work?

A seat belt pretensioner is a device affixed to either the seat belt retractor or the seat belt latch (buckle) assembly that draws the belt tight immediately after a crash.

During the impact in a crash, special crash sensors detect the sudden deceleration. The body control module (computer) receives the data from the crash sensors and, when necessary, deploys the airbags. But first, it triggers the seat belt pretensioner.

A pretensioner can be located inside of the seat belt retractor (where the belt is spring loaded and stored) or on the latch assembly. Inside the pretensioner is an explosive charge. When the charge detonates, it causes either the belt to draw tight or the latch assembly to shorten. In either case, the effect is that the belt draws tighter across the shoulder, rib cage, and hips of the occupant. This secures them in the proper alignment in preparation for airbag deployment.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a new seat belt pretensioner?

Because the seat belts (and therefore the pretensioners) are integrated into the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), the body control module is continuously monitoring the system for potential problems. If there is an issue with the pretensioner, it is damaged or has previously cycled, the computer will detect the issue and turn on the SRS warning light on the dashboard. A subsequent scan of the diagnostic code should reveal a problem with the pretensioner, and it will be impossible to clear the code until the pretensioner has been replaced.

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How does a technician perform A Seat Belt Pretensioner Replacement ?

The procedure to replace a seat belt pretensioner depends, for the most part, on whether the pretensioner is part of the seat belt retractor mechanism or the latch assembly. For the former, a technician must remove interior trim panels for access to the seat belt retractor. The fasteners that hold the ends of the seat belt and the retractor in place must be carefully removed. The entire seat belt, retractor, and pretensioner are all replaced as an assembly, and the fasteners are torqued to manufacturer’s specifications.

When the pretensioner is attached to the seat belt latch, the technician might need to remove the entire seat for access to the component. In either case, whether the pretensioner is in the retractor or the latch, it will be necessary to properly disarm and rearm the SRS with a scan tool. The SRS will not reset if the components are not in sound shape or if the procedure has not been done properly.

Other Questions Customers Ask

How do I know if my seat belt pretensioner has fired?
Evidence that a seat belt pretensioner has fired differs from one vehicle to the next. The pretensioner might have cycled if the belt will no longer retract. In some cases, the opposite occurs, and the belt will not extend or is strung tight. A fired pretensioner on the latch side will cause the latch to be shorter than normal. If a pretensioner has fired, the SRS warning light should come on in the dashboard display.
How often should seatbelts be replaced?
Some automotive experts suggest replacing seat belts every ten or fifteen years - far less often that the two-year intervals followed in auto racing. That said, most passenger vehicle seat belts go unchanged for the life of the vehicle. Make sure to have a seat belt replaced if it shows signs of excessive wear (sagging, stretching, fraying) or if your vehicle has been in a significant crash.
Are car seat belts universal?
Classic vehicles featured seat belts that were more or less universal. Modern seat belts, on the other hand, are specific to a particular vehicle make and model. They are also integrated into the Supplemental Restraint System, working in tandem with the crash sensors and airbags under the control of the body control module computer.

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