A Steering Gear Box Replacement cost in Cheyenne in 2024

The average cost for a steering gear box assembly replacement is $1482

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A Steering Gear Box Replacement costs by shop in Cheyenne.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $296 on A Steering Gear Box Replacement.


Average cost of A Steering Gear Box Replacement for popular vehicle models in Cheyenne:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Steering Gear Box Replacement

What is a steering gear box and how does it work?

A steering gear box is a device that transfers the rotational motion of your steering wheel to the lateral, side-to-side movement needed to turn your front wheels.

Steering gears fall into two general categories, a gearbox or a rack and pinion assembly. Each type of steering gear produces the same result, to turn the wheels to the right or left when you rotate the steering wheel. But they do their jobs in a slightly different way and with slightly different components.

Inside the gearbox is a set of gears and bearings that allow the driver, usually with help from power hydraulic assist, to easily turn the steering wheel in order to turn the wheels on the ground. The end of the steering column or shaft is connected to the input shaft on the gearbox. The output shaft of the gearbox connects to an arm that swings like a pendulum when you turn the wheel. This “pitman arm” translates the rotational movement of the gearbox into lateral movement through a set of rods or links to the steering knuckles and wheels.

This type of steering gear arrangement can be found on most vintage vehicles. Because of the mechanical advantage provided by a gear box over rack and pinion, it is also featured on many modern heavy duty trucks and SUVs.


How do I know if my vehicle needs the steering gear box replaced?

Your steering gear box assembly serves two functions, to transfer the motion of your steering wheel to the wheels on the ground, and to add hydraulic assist to make the operation easier. When the gearbox fails, the problem could be with the mechanical gears or bearings inside or with the hydraulic system. Your gearbox could need replacement if you notice one or more of the following signs:

It becomes harder than usual to turn the steering wheel (or, in some cases, easier)

You hear unusual noises coming from underneath the front of your vehicle that get louder when you turn the wheel

Your steering wheel feels loose or exhibits excessive play

When turning the steering wheel, you notice a spot where it becomes difficult to turn through (indicating damage to the gears)

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How does a technician perform A Steering Gear Box Replacement ?

To replace a steering gear box, a technician will first need to raise and support your vehicle in the air for access. The gearbox is located near the end of the steering shaft that connects to the steering wheel. Depending on your vehicle make and model, a number of other components might need to be removed in order to gain access to the gearbox.

In general, steps to replace a steering gear box include:

  • Remove any guards, heat shields, or other components that block access to the steering gear box and other steering parts
  • Disconnect the power steering lines from the assembly
  • Detach the pitman arm from the output shaft of the gearbox
  • Detach and dislodge the steering shaft from the input shaft of the gearbox
  • Unbolt the assembly and remove it from the vehicle
  • Install the new gearbox and reattach all components Note - Once the system is filled with fresh hydraulic fluid, a special procedure is typically needed to bleed air from the new gearbox.


Is a steering gear box worth fixing?
When a steering gear box goes bad, it is usually something that a qualified technician would replace rather than repair. While it is possible to repair a gearbox, especially an older assembly, the repair or reconditioning is not typically done by a mechanic. In most cases on a modern vehicle, it is more economical to simply replace the assembly with a new or already-reconditioned unit.
Can you drive with a bad steering gear box?
If your steering gear box is bad, it can be very dangerous to drive. A faulty steering gear box assembly can cause binding or loose steering, which can ultimately lead to loss of control of the vehicle. If this occurs at highway speeds, the result could be fatal.
What causes a steering gear box to fail?
A steering gear box will sometimes fail with normal use. It could also if there are fluid leaks or contaminated power steering fluid. Alterations to the size of your wheels and tires or lifting your suspension can also cause excess stress on the gearbox and cause it to fail.

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