A Liftgate Lock Cylinder Replacement cost in Smyrna in 2024

The average cost for a tailgate lock cylinder replacement is $561

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A Liftgate Lock Cylinder Replacement costs by shop in Smyrna.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Liftgate Lock Cylinder Replacement

What is a liftgate lock cylinder and how does it work?

A liftgate lock cylinder is a component of a vehicle's central locking system. A lock cylinder is a small metal device similar to that of a door lock on a house. A key is inserted into the lock cylinder to manually lock or unlock a door, tailgate, or liftgate. Each lock cylinder is coded for a specific key.

Some liftgates do not feature a lock cylinder and are only locked using a switch inside the vehicle or a key fob. In those cases, it is difficult to open the panel if the lock actuator fails or if the vehicle battery dies. On the other hand, many vehicle owners rarely use the key in the lock cylinder, therefore the cylinder is prone to seizing up from corrosion and lack of use.


How do I know if my liftgate lock cylinder needs to be replaced?

If your vehicle came equipped with a liftgate lock cylinder that allows the liftgate to be locked and unlocked with a key, you will know that the cylinder is bad if you are unable to insert the key fully, or if the key will no longer turn inside the cylinder. While it is sometimes possible to free up a stuck lock cylinder, it is common for the device to need replacement. A less frequent sign that the lock cylinder is bad is if the key turns freely, but the lock does not actuate, suggesting a possible malfunction of the linkage attached to the lock/latch assembly or lock actuator.

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How does a technician perform A Liftgate Lock Cylinder Replacement ?

In order to replace a liftgate lock cylinder, a technician will first need to obtain a new cylinder that is coded specifically to your vehicle key. From there, the liftgate interior trim panel must be removed for access to the lock cylinder and lock/latch assembly. The linkage that connects the lock cylinder to the lock/latch assembly is disconnected along with any wires that are plugged into the cylinder (on vehicles with heated door locks). The lock cylinder retainer is removed and the lock cylinder pulled from the panel. Once the new cylinder is inserted and fastened in place, the linkage (and wiring, if so equipped) is reconnected and the system is tested prior to closing the liftgate.

Other Questions Customers Ask

What can I use to keep my door locks from seizing?
You can spray into the key slot on your door locks with WD40 (a water displacement lubricant) or powdered graphite to keep your door locks freed up and ready for use. Perhaps the best remedy for sticking door lock cylinders, however, is regular use.
Can cold weather affect door locks?
Yes. Heating and cooling of your vehicle in the winter can cause moisture to build up inside the door panels and around the lock cylinders. That moisture is prone to freezing in the cold and makes it difficult to turn the key in the cylinder. For that reason, some car companies offer heated door locks.
Do you need a new key when replacing a door lock cylinder?
In most cases, a technician should be able to have a replacement door lock cylinder coded to your vehicle’s key by a dealership or locksmith. It is generally not necessary to get a different set of keys.

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