A Transmission Filter Replacement cost in Tempe in 2024

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Transmission Filter Replacement

What is a transmission filter replacement?

The automatic transmission in your vehicle transmits power from the engine, through the drivetrain, and to the wheels. Inside the transmission is a system of gears and other moving components that are lubricated and cooled by hydraulic oil called ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). The ATF is also used to control some of the functions of the transmission through hydraulic pressure.

The transmission oil filter keeps the ATF free from contamination. It keeps damaging dirt and debris from causing damage to the gears and other components of your transmission. The filter itself may be made up of a paper element or a metal screen mesh. In either case, ATF is forced through the filter whenever the transmission is in operation. As the ATF passes through the filter, contaminants are trapped.


How do I know if the transmission filter needs to be replaced?

A failing transmission can be cause for concern, since transmission service or replacement are often significant repairs. When a transmission is having trouble, you might notice one or more of several symptoms. These symptoms can be related to serious issues, but they also signal the need for a simple transmission filter replacement. Make sure to have your transmission inspected if you notice any of the following:

Abnormal shifting (either too abrupt or excessively soft and mushy shifts)

Shifting into the next gear at the wrong time (either too late or too early)

Overheating transmission

Transmission is slipping

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How does a technician perform A Transmission Filter Replacement ?

Replacing a transmission filter often requires the removal of the entire transmission oil pan for access. To do this, a technician must first safely raise and support your vehicle off of the ground. Since removing the pan will allow several quarts of fluid to drain from the transmission, this service is usually paired with replacement of the ATF. With your vehicle in position, the technician will do the following:

  • Some automatic transmissions feature a drain plug to allow much of the ATF to drain initially. Some do not. In either case, the drain pan bolts must be removed so that the pan can be moved out of the way
  • With the pan out of the way, there is usually a magnet on the inside of the pan that must be manually cleaned of metal shavings
  • The wide, flat filter is detached, removed, and replaced with a new filter
  • The transmission pan is replaced with a fresh gasket and the bolts are torqued
  • The ATF is refilled either from the dipstick tube or an access hole on top of the transmission (requiring a special pressure pump and adapter), depending on your vehicle make and model
  • Once your vehicle is back on the ground, the technician will take it for a test drive to verify the repair

Other Questions Customers Ask

Where is an automatic transmission filter located?
Unlike an engine oil filter that is located on the outside of your engine, the transmission oil filter is found inside the transmission oil pan, underneath your vehicle. Replacement of the transmission filter is a significantly more involved process than an engine oil and filter change.
What can a clogged transmission filter cause?
If the transmission filter is allowed to become clogged, the flow of ATF will be restricted. Since the fluid is used to transfer hydraulic power for motion - and because it serves to lubricate and cool the transmission - any obstruction to its flow can be detrimental. Malfunctions, such as abnormal shifting, slipping, and overheating are likely. Premature wear and transmission failure are possible.
Should I change transmission fluid after 100k miles?
Often debated in the automotive community is the question as to whether it is wise to change the ATF in a transmission with high mileage, over 100K miles. One school of thought suggests that, if a transmission has seen more than 100K miles, the fluid has likely worn out, and sludge will have formed internally, making it necessary to change the fluid and filter. On the other hand, some automotive enthusiasts say that changing the ATF in a transmission with high mileage can cause damage if debris and sludge are dislodged and clog tiny passages in the unit. This argument relates particularly to transmissions that have seen sub-par maintenance up to that point. The best approach is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for transmission fluid and filter change intervals from the start.

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