A Transmission Mount Replacement cost in Marana in 2024

The average cost for a transmission mount replacement with CarAdvise is $179 and the range is generally between $69 and $528.

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A Transmission Mount Replacement costs by shop in Marana.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $36 on A Transmission Mount Replacement.


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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Transmission Mount Replacement

What is a transmission mount and how does it work?

A transmission mount is a device that connects the metal housing of your vehicle’s transmission to the vehicle’s frame, subframe, or engine cradle. Not only does the mount hold the transmission in place, but it also isolates the rest of your vehicle from engine and drivetrain vibrations.

This is done by incorporating a thick layer of rubber (sometimes including a fluid-filled chamber) between metal brackets on either end. One bracket is bolted to the transmission; the other is bolted to the body or frame. The rubber section is sandwiched in the middle. Such an arrangement allows the transmission to move slightly when responding to various driving conditions without transferring vibrations to the occupants inside the passenger compartment. This makes for a smoother and quieter ride experience. Some transmissions will have multiple mounts.


How do I know if a transmission mount needs to be replaced on a vehicle?

When a transmission mount fails, it often produces effects that are noticeable to the vehicle’s occupants. Have your vehicle inspected if you notice any of the following signs of a bad transmission mount:

Increased vibrations felt inside the passenger compartment

Unusual noises, such as clunking or banging, that are coming from the transmission or engine bay, especially when accelerating or decelerating

Evidence that your engine is shifting excessively in the engine compartment (paint transfer, denting, etc.)

The mount appears to be leaking fluid

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How does a technician perform A Transmission Mount Replacement ?

Replacing a transmission mount generally requires that your vehicle be safely lifted and supported for access. The transmission must also be supported with a transmission service jack or special brace in order to relieve weight from the mount.

With the transmission’s weight off of the bad component, the mount is unbolted, removed from its location, and replaced with a new part. The bolts are torqued to specifications, the jack is removed, and the vehicle is lowered to the ground. Finally, the technician will likely test drive your vehicle to verify the repair.

Other Questions Customers Ask

Can you drive with a broken transmission mount?
Whether or not you can drive your vehicle with a broken transmission mount depends on the degree of damage to the mount. One that has recently sprung a leak to the fluid inside and/or has minor cracking of the rubber will cause the ride to be less comfortable. But your vehicle may be driven to a repair facility for diagnosis and repair. On the other hand, if you notice significant signs of a bad transmission mount, significant damage can occur to your vehicle and unsafe driving conditions can result. In that case, you should not drive your vehicle until repairs have been made.
What does a broken transmission mount feel like?
A broken transmission mount may present itself in a variety of ways. When it comes to the “feel” of a bad mount, you may detect a thump in the floor upon acceleration or deceleration. You may also notice a vibration while driving.
Can your transmission fall out if the mount goes bad?
Most vehicles today feature fail-safe transmission mounts that consist of rubber sandwiched between layers of steel. This design ensures that, even if the rubber portion fails, the mount will retain the transmission inside of your vehicle and prevent it from falling out onto the road. Some outdated and obsolete designs on older vehicles did not have this safety feature.

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