The national cost for a turn signal assembly replacement with CarAdvise in 2024 is between $15 and $306 with an average of $60.

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What is a turn signal assembly and how does it work?

Since the late nineteen sixties, right and left hand turn signals have been required on motor vehicles in the US. Turn signals are an important safety feature on a vehicle as they signal to other people a driver’s intention to turn or change lanes.

A turn signal assembly is a housing with an amber colored lens behind which is a light bulb. When you turn on the signal, a relay causes the light to blink repeatedly until you have completed your turn or until you switch off the light manually.

On many modern vehicles, the turn signal light and lens is mounted inside of the headlight and tail light assemblies. But on some vehicles, especially older models, the turn signals were mounted in their own independent assemblies, often paired with running lights.


How is a a Turn Signal Assembly Replacement done?

To replace a turn signal assembly or bulb, a technician must open the hood or trunk, remove the fastener(s) holding the assembly in place, and carefully dislodge the assembly from the vehicle, taking care to avoid breaking any mounting tabs or clips. The level of difficulty for this operation varies from one vehicle to the next and from simple to quite complex. If the bulb alone needs replacement, the technician will remove the old bulb and insert a new one of the same type before reinstalling the assembly.

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National average cost of a a Turn Signal Assembly Replacement
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How do I know if my vehicle needs a new turn signal assembly?

The most common problem with a turn signal assembly is a burned out bulb. When that occurs, you will notice that the turn signal indicator on the dashboard blinks at a faster rate than normal. This is because the voltage in the turn signal circuit has been modified by the bad bulb. In that case, the old bulb must be replaced.

The turn signal assembly might also need to be replaced in its entirety if it becomes broken. It is unlawful for the bulb to show through a broken turn signal lens.

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Other questions customers ask

What is the most common cause of turn signal problems?
Whereas a turn signal switch, relay, or even a fuse can cause problems with your turn signal, the most common cause of turn signal problems is a blown turn signal bulb. Most turn signal bulbs are incandescent and the filament inside will wear out eventually.
Is there a fuse for a turn signal?
Yes. The turn signal circuit contains a fuse to protect the electrical system from a short due to damaged or broken wires. There is also a relay in the circuit that causes the turn signal to flash rather than glow steadily.
How long does it take to replace a turn signal?
For most vehicles, it takes only a matter of ten to twenty minutes to replace a turn signal assembly. It should be noted that, on many vehicles today, the turn signals are integrated into the headlight and tail light assemblies, which can take longer to replace. Most of the time, however, only a bulb needs to be replaced rather than the entire assembly.

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