A Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement cost in Fort Worth in 2024

The average cost for a vehicle speed sensor replacement is $403

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A Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement costs by shop in Fort Worth.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement

What is a vehicle speed sensor and how does it work?

A vehicle speed sensor, or VSS, is a device that measures the output speed of your vehicle’s transmission or transaxle. Typically mounted to the transmission, the vehicle speed sensor determines how fast your vehicle is traveling and sends the data to the ECM, the engine control module (PCM on some models), to modify engine functions such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, and diagnostic routines. It also serves to control transmission shift points. The vehicle speed sensor does its job by sensing the number of rotations of a specific part inside the transmission that ultimately connects to the drive wheels of your vehicle. This sensor even enables your speedometer to work.


Signs that a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) needs to be replaced

The first sign that a vehicle speed sensor is not working correctly is often a faulty speedometer, whether the problem occurs intermittently or a complete loss of function. Other signs that your vehicle speed sensor is malfunctioning may be:

Your transmission shifts hard or rough, or it seems to shift later than it should

You notice a hesitation upon acceleration

The cruise control does not work properly

A traction control or anti-lock brake warning light comes on

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How does a technician perform A Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement ?

Because the vehicle speed sensor is located on the transmission, a technician will need to lift and support your vehicle to gain access to the component. In addition, the following procedures are usually followed:

  • Remove shields, splash guards, or other items that might prevent access to the vehicle speed sensor
  • Disconnect the vehicle battery after installing a computer memory-saving device
  • Detach the wiring harness connector from the sensor
  • Remove the retaining bolt or screw and unseat the sensor
  • Install the new sensor and o-ring
  • Replace all components and top off the transmission fluid as necessary
  • Test drive your vehicle to verify the repair

Other Questions Customers Ask

Can a vehicle speed sensor be replaced?
Yes, the vehicle speed sensor is a removable component and is designed to be replaced if it fails. It should be noted that some vehicles feature two speed sensors on the transmission that measure separate internal components. It should also be considered that, in order to replace this sensor, your vehicle must be safely lifted and supported in the air to gain access. This should only be attempted by someone with significant training and experience.
Can a speed sensor be repaired?
A vehicle speed sensor cannot generally be fixed. It must be replaced. In any case, while speed sensor failure is not altogether uncommon, there are other problems with a vehicle that might present similar symptoms. So, a professional inspection and diagnosis should be done before replacing the component.
How much does it cost to replace a vehicle speed sensor?
A vehicle speed sensor itself may cost anywhere from $25 to $100 dollars, depending on your vehicle make and model. The labor rate will likely vary quite a bit, also depending on what vehicle you drive.

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